Must-Have Home Accents in 2019

With a new year comes new interior design trends that home décor connoisseurs will be scrambling to implement. However, not everyone has the budget, time, or means to give their home a full-blown redesign. For this reason, even small home décor accents are enough to spice up the overall vibe of your interior design.

The interior design theme of 2019 is a mixed bag – a little bit of modern with some bohemian scattered in between. Interior design experts are going for an earthy vibe: botanical patterns, terracotta touches, and fringes everywhere.

There are a few must-have home accents that will make this theme come alive in your home, and refresh an otherwise stale interior design.

#1)Tasseled Throw Pillows

Tasseled Throw Pillows

Expressive couches are out. This means no more sofas and loveseats with eclectic upholstery and paisley fabrics. Beige, gray, and other plain-colored couches are in, so throw pillows are needed to make up for the lack of color pizzazz.

Throw pillows with tassels add substance and texture to an otherwise plain sofa, and will go perfect with the boho-chic vibe that is in this year.

#2)Potted Plants

Potted Plants
Since the interior design trend this year is an earthy vibe, the key is to bring some of the outdoors in. Potted plants are a great way to achieve this. Furthermore, for rooms that are stark white, potted plants add a much-needed pop of color.

While fake plants are easy to find, a real plant will also do a good job of purifying the air in your home and improving your mental well-being. Succulents, orchids, peace lilies, and Zanzibar Gems make great house plants because they’re low maintenance, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing.

#3)Woodsy Touches

Woodsy Touches
The rustic look is no longer one limited to mountain cabins. Even urban apartments can benefit from this aesthetic by featuring woodsy accents, but we’re not talking about perfectly polished wood. Some distressed wood touches, like a coffee table, statuette, hanging shelf, or backsplash, will bring warmth into your home.
Where previous design trends veered toward the cool look of contemporary and mid-century modern, 2019 is bringing back the antique look, intermixed with some modern for emphasis.

#4)Velvet Furniture

Velvet Furniture
Keep your sofa simple, but consider accenting it with a velvet armchair or ottoman. Velvet touches bring an ornate look to your living space, lending it an air of vintage glam. Purchasing a brand new leather armchair might be pricy, but you can have an existing one upholstered to make it possible on a budget.

Whether you invest in a burgundy or deep green velvet accent chair, it’s sure to shine like a gemstone in your living room.


Continuing with the theme of warm, woodsy, and antique, the last must-have accent is copper. Place your plants in copper pots or flowers in copper vases for an easy implementation of this accent. Another way to bring copper into your home’s design is through barware.

Copper barware, whether placed on a serving tray or a bar cart, is an inviting addition to any home.

Moscow mule mugs, julep cups, and similar copper touches truly give your home a 1930s feel.

With these accents and more, your home’s interior design is sure to not only traverse various decades, but various tastes and styles as well.

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