Must-Have Cat Accessories for Design Lovers


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People into interior design and appreciate fine style have wide and varied tastes. From bohemian to minimalist, tropical to vintage, their look is never boring. But you know what is boring? Cat furniture and accessories!

Pet gear, specifically cat gear, is often staid and plain. The products seem to be made for boring, vanilla people – super inoffensive with lots of beige. But it does not have to be. You love your cat, so why should they not have the same high quality, excellently designed accessories as you?

These are 3 cat products on the market that will make any design junkie swoon. 

Cat Trees

The ol’ cat tree is probably the largest and most expensive piece of cat furniture you own. And it should be, as it is basically real estate for your cat. Cat trees meet many different physiological and psychological needs for cats, and without one, you will have one mean pet.

A standard cat tree may have a condo for hiding, multiple platforms and perches to sleep and chill, as well as posts or areas wrapped in scratch-friendly material. All of this is in a vertical orientation on different levels. As it is a space for your cat to call their own, make it unique and special!


Most cat trees are in a very traditional style, with thick carpet, light wood, and bland colors. For the design crowd, why not get one that looks like sculpture art? You’ll find cat trees that reach high into the sky, with exposed dark wood, sleek angles, and daring shapes. These are pieces that are at home at the Museum of Modern Art, or your foyer. It’s not even obvious they are cat trees!

Litter Boxes

As a style aficionado, your cat’s litter box is a point of much concern. It smells and is unsightly. But it’s something that you should not meddle with too much, because it is so essential for their well-being. Should you hide it from view? Or place it in a less visited room? Bottom line though, make a bad decision and your cats may end up not using their new litter box location or even worse. 

Good thing there are options here. Look into a contemporary-designed top entry litter box- they are convenient and super popular, even for bigger cats. Basically, they are litter boxes with a lid and a hole. Your cat jumps on the lid and into the litter, does their business, then jumps out the same way. Some models here look really cool and come in a few colors, resembling a futuristic trash can. 

There are also hidden litter boxes that come in the form of a potted plant. The pot of the plant houses litter and you face the entrance to a corner. Either of these are a better choice aesthetically than a traditional open litter box. They also prevent litter dust and spray from escaping. 



Cat toys are essential. They provide intellectual and physical stimulation for a cat that is indoors most of the time. A huge amount of toys exists from wands to balls, to things in a track, to light beams and tunnels. Among these captivating options, the inclusion of a cat laser toy stands out as an excellent choice. As a cat owner you certainly have your fair share of these toys. 

But for someone into design and wants something absolutely amazing for their home, you should look into giant cat wheel toys. It’s essentially a hamster wheel device for a cat, and provides so much good exercise and entertainment. While not cheap, cat wheels are an unbeatable way to enrich an indoor cat’s lifestyle. 

Not only that, they look very cool in your home and will be a centerpiece of conversation for many years to come.

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