Moving Mayhem – 5 Common Things That Go Wrong When Moving House (And How To Fix Them)


Moving Mayhem

Moving can be both a traumatic physical experience and an unnerving psychological one if you don’t have the best plan in place. Whether you’re relocating your home, your business, or both to another city or just down the street, there are several missteps that can send your stress levels soaring. Check out the most common mistakes below (and the best solutions for them) to ensure you have a mess-free moving experience.

Mistake 1: Not having a safety net

Regardless of what problem arises during your move, it is most likely going to cost you money. So, having a pre-vetted, reputable fast loan company bookmarked for emergencies is a must. This way, if you need extra funds, you won’t be researching in the midst of a crisis when you’re likely to miss the fine print and end up lumped with horrendous interest rates.
Not having a safety net
Maybe you don’t have enough boxes, or you need to rent a larger moving vehicle, or you’re hit with an unexpected rental deposit fee. Moving brings with it the potential for any number of unexpected last-minute expenses. A small loan can offer you the safety net you need.

Mistake 2: Not doing your research

This mistake can rear its ugly head with any number of aspects of the move. Maybe you didn’t thoroughly research the moving company you hired, or perhaps you didn’t take into consideration all the logistics involved in getting everything into your new space. Finding the right company is not easy, and picking one based on clever marketing or a low price can often yield subpar results.

Many problems can arise with moving companies, including the timing of the pickup and drop off, items that have been lost or damaged in the move, lazy employees, or dangerous drivers. The best way to avoid such issues is by thoroughly researching your options. Consult internet reviews, get personal recommendations, and even go so far as interviewing the companies you might hire.

If you do end up needing to file a damage claim or complaint, being familiar with the company and their rectification process will help you will feel more at ease and ensure you’re able to get your problems resolved promptly.

Mistake 3: Not planning for your pets

Not planning for your pets
This may seem like a no brainer, but if you don’t include and action plan for how your pets are going to be moved, you may end up making some risky decisions. Have you planned for a transfer of veterinarians? Do you have their complete medical reports to give to the new vet? Will they be traveling with you or separately? How will they arrive at the new location (by airplane, car, or some other means)?

Mistake 4: Misinformation

What happens if you arrive at your new home and the space is not exactly as described? Many people forget to compare square footage from the old home to the new and check what differences there are in storage options. If it’s too late to ensure you have enough space in your new home, research self-storage businesses in the vicinity. This temporary fix can give you time to reorganize or downsize your belongings.

Mistake 5: Document dramas

Before you begin your move, you need to make a list of personal documents and items you’ll need on hand. Gather all your medical, legal, and personal identification items. Make sure they travel with you and don’t get packed and sent to storage.
Document dramas
Keep these common mistakes in mind, plan accordingly, and your move should be smooth and stress-free.

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