6 Lawn Maintenance Tips For Keeping Your Lawn Green


Lawn Maintenance Tips

A brown lawn is nothing out of the ordinary when you talk to a landscaping contractor. Some grass varieties are prone to go dormant during the summer months as part of their self-preservation strategy.

Grass goes into a state of hibernation to reserve energy. Once periods of higher precipitation and colder temperatures return, the lawn usually returns to its natural vibrant shade of green. Most people hire landscaping service providers to tend to lawn maintenance. There are however some DIY techniques that you can implement to keep your lawn green.

Putting The Mower On A High Setting

This will help to keep the grass at more or less three inches high. The taller grass blades offer mores shade to the roots which keeps it cooler on those scorching summer days. The longer blades also provide deeper and stronger roots.
Putting The Mower On A High Setting

Watering The Lawn Early In The Mornings

The perfect time for watering your lawn is five o’ clock in the morning. You can set the irrigation system to go off early morning to allow the lawn to dry out throughout the day, thereby avoiding possible fungal diseases.

Regular And Deep Watering

For obtaining a green lawn throughout summer, watering must be done consistently. Instead of opting for shallow watering each day, instead, water the lawn deeply only once or twice during the week. The majority of irrigation systems can be pre-set to water the lawn for you. However, if you’re not usually one that are considered having green fingers or don’t have an irrigation system, you can make use of Cincinnati Lawn Care to help you maintain an evergreen lawn.

Maintaining Your Mower

A lawnmower that is not maintained properly will only result in harming your turf. Excellent lawnmower maintenance involves changing the oil, sharpening the blades, changing the spark plugs and filters regularly. Dull lawnmower blades don’t cut the lawn, but rather tear into it, leaving brown tips on lawn blades. An expert landscaping service provider can take care of scheduled mower maintenance for you.

Repairing Problem Areas Due To Pet Waste

Sometimes, pet waste can lead to over-fertilizing the grass, leaving unsightly spots. A landscaping company can help you with sorting out these spots and promote re-growth.
Repairing Problem Areas Due To Pet Waste

Applying Fertilizer

Usually landscaping agencies recommend fertilizing a lawn every six weeks, but this can often lead to the lawn growing too rapidly when traditional fertilizers are used. You can opt for fertilizers with lesser nitrogen content of ten to fourteen which can help with keeping the lawn green but also prevent the lawn from growing too quickly. By utilizing a mulching lawnmower, you can fertilize the lawn naturally by putting the grass nutrients back into the soil. Always apply fertilizer judiciously and evenly since too much fertilizer can make the turf turn brown.


One of the most regular asked services that landscaping service providers receive is revitalizing a brown lawn. However, during certain times of the year if the lawn is already too brown, it may not be possible to revive it before fall. Remember, over watering will only escalate the issue by placing stress on the turf. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind and rather hire a professional landscaping company if garden maintenance is not among your strong points.

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