Moms Guide to Parenting in 2020

Becoming a parent is one of life’s great adventures and it is a time that you should cherish as well as be prepared for. It can be a daunting experience especially if it is your first time but it should be something that you embrace.

I myself found the experience quite a difficult one as I found myself over reading and over thinking with the amount of information there is on the internet talking about best practices and the things you should be considering as a parent.

I have put together the best bits as to what I think parents should be considering when they are bringing a new life into the world. This guide is not here to give you set in stone rules you should follow but more ways in which you can prepare to help make your lives that little bit easier. It is not easy in the slightest but I hope that this will help give you that little bit of reassurance and preparation you need to be a great parent.

Enjoy the Time You Have With Your Children Whilst They Are Still Young

Enjoy the Time You Have With Your Children

You need to embrace the experience and create memories with your child that they will not forget. Do not over think it and just ensure that you are creating an atmosphere in your household full of love and care. These moments are precious and you should make the most of every second to give your child the best chance they have to live a happy life.

Create Healthy Eating Habits for your Child

Develop the eating habits early where you are giving your child all of the good food and nutrition they need to grow healthily. Not over feeding and not giving in to too many unhealthy food requests will ensure that your child is developing good eating habits.

Create Good Sleeping Habits

Give your child a nice early bedtime and ensure they are getting all of the sleep they require. All children from a young age need around 10-12 hours sleep every night so its important that you are staying awake too late and depriving them of the sleep they need to have a better day the next and create that good routine for them.

Know When to Say ‘No’

Know When to Say ‘No’
You need to ensure that you are not being too over rewarding and being submissive to every request your child has. As difficult as it may be, you need to know when to say no and have that discipline in place where they know that they cannot always get everything they want. A reward system where you reward your child once they have done something good is always a good system that will carry them into later life in a positive way.

These are just some of the ways in which you can prepare for life as a parent. It is a journey and a process of learning. Everybody is different and there is no right or wrong way of going about being a parent. As long as you are living in a home full of love and compassion, then everything else will fall into place. It is difficult being a parent granted but it is all part of the process and all you can do is your best with the resources that you have at your disposal.

You can read Leslie’s blog at to find out more ways in which you can ready yourself for life with a youngster. Here you will find more detailed information including understanding the pregnancy and post pregnancy process as well as ways to help get through your little one growing up. Take each day as it comes and be ready for everything life throws at you. Stay strong, positive and ensure you are doing your very best every day for your child.

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