Modern Ideas to Renovate Your Home In Budget


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Renovate Your Home

The more you spend time at home, the more you realize you could use some renovations. The problem is, most people don’t have money for extras right now. Everyone is living on a tight budget; hence you want modern ideas to renovate your home in budget. So, how do you achieve the look you want with the money you have?

A. Fireplace inserts

One of the most cost-effective renovations in the market right now is replacing the traditional fireplace with a fireplace insert. You simply place your inserts at strategic places in your house to create the impression that you have several fireplaces. That way, the house looks beautiful and elegant.

Also, since the inserts are portable, Brian Simpson of says that they’re ideal for people living in rented apartments.
Fireplace inserts

B. Bring in nature

Have you thought of having some plants in the house? There are two ways to bring in nature to your home as part of smart home remodeling. One, you can create a garden in front of your house. Use some flowers and gravel to make stunning designs from the gate to the front door.

Two, you can buy a few potted plants and place them in different places in the house. Plants and flowers will never go out of fashion. They remain the best modern ideas to renovate your home in budget.

C. Change lighting fixtures

Sometimes all you need to do is change your lighting fixtures, and your house will look new again. Begin with the lights at the entrance, then move on to the living room and kitchen.

Look around the vintage shops in your area, and you will find fittings of all shapes and sizes. Besides, old pieces give the house a pleasant air of mystery and class.

C. Wallpaper

Have you heard the cliché that you don’t need a million to look like a millionaire? Renovation on a tight budget means having your dream house without breaking your bank, right? So, why not cover your walls with removable wallpaper?

Today’s market is full of impressive modern wallpaper designs that you can choose. Moreover, you don’t have to cover all the walls. One side per room is enough.

E. Repaint the doors

You will find a million modern ideas to renovate your home in budget, on the internet. However, what if the only thing you have is a few cans of paint? You can still achieve your dream.

The first thing you see when you get home is the front door. So, you can repaint the doors with a different color from the one you have now. Somehow your house will look new.

Imagine repainting the doors, then you move the furniture around and get a few plants. Voila, that’s classic creative interior design.

F. Give the kitchen counter a facelift

Give the kitchen counter a facelift
Here’s a unique interior design idea; get those kitchen counter granite covers. They look like wallpaper but are made purposely for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Also, they are removable, so once you’re done, you just peel them off.

G. Add or Remove storage space

Think of new shelves in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Suddenly, the plain walls don’t look plain anymore. You can also do the opposite. Remove all the shelves you no longer use and create an impression of space.


No matter how much money you have right now, you can have your dream living space. The above modern ideas to renovate your home on a budget are economical and easy to do. Plus, most ideas are pretty much DIYs; hence you don’t need to spend money on labor.

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