Concentrated CBD Capsules


CBD Capsules

Concentrated CBD capsules are a popular CBD option for many, providing all the same health benefits as CBD oil drops, only in a super discreet and straightforward way.

CBD capsules allow you to easily take CBD on a regular basis without any of the mess and room for error that is common with many other forms of CBD. Made from as little as just three ingredients, CBD oil capsules are considered to be one of the healthiest ways to consume CBD.

Most brands use the same rich CBD formula that can be found in tinctures and other popular products, providing you with the best CBD experience possible. Packed with a predetermined amount of CBD, capsules could not be more uncomplicated or straightforward, helping you to ensure that you are always able to fit a healthy dose of CBD into your day.

Let’s take a look at some of the top concentrated CBD capsules available.

Premium Jane CBD Capsules

CBD capsules from Premium Jane are a great place to start when shopping for concentrated CBD capsules. As the name suggests, Premium Jane offers its customers a premium experience with an affordable price tag.

Premium Jane capsules come in soft gel form, making them both easy to swallow and comfortable for your body to break down and process.

Using Premium Jane’s famous full-spectrum CBD oil formula, each capsule is packed with the same precious cannabinoids and terpenes found within their tinctures.
Premium Jane CBD Capsules
Each capsule contains a precise 25mg of CBD that has been carefully measured out and checked within third-party labs to ensure that you receive a consistent dose of CBD with each capsule. Premium Jane makes the result of their lab tests available to customers to view before they shop. Being able to see exactly what goes into making each capsule helps you to make a confident and informed shopping decision.

Premium Jane sources all of its CBD from organic hemp farms in Oregon before using state of the art low-temperature extraction methods to help retain all of the natural cannabinoids found within the plant. Premium Jane then only adds a few natural ingredients to create the premium capsules.

It’s rare to find a brand such as Premium Jane that uses 100% natural ingredients in their CBD capsules, helping to set them apart from many of the other capsules sold online. Premium Jane uses a mix of hemp seed oil, purified water, and gelatin to create their smooth, soft gel capsules.

Available for just $75 Premium, Jane provides a premium CBD capsule that packs excellent value and a rich range of active cannabinoids.

Provacan CBD Capsules

Provacan is one of the UK’s leading CBD brands and a popular pick when shopping for concentrated CBD capsules. With three different concentration options to choose from, you can take control of how much CBD you consume in a day in a manageable and straightforward way.

Provacan CBD capsules can be purchased in 6mg, 24mg, and 96mg options.

As with all of Provacan’s products, the CBD capsules are made from organically grown EU hemp plants that have been tested within third-party labs to ensure purity and potency. Only the very best hemp plants are used to create Provacan’s CBD oil formula, which can be found within the CBD capsules.

In order to keep the capsules as natural and pure as possible, Provacan only uses two additional ingredients in their CBD capsules:

Organic coconut oil and pullulan capsules. By using only a few ingredients, Provacan capsules can be quickly and easily broken down within the body for fast-acting effects and that you can rely on.

Smart CBD Capsules

Smart CBD Capsules
Smart CBD not only offers its customers high-quality CBD capsules that provide consistent effects, but they are also committed to only using organic, sustainable ingredients. Smart CBD has become known as one of the leading brands in sustainable CBD, pushing the boundaries of what we expect from the industry.

Smart CBD has two different concentration capsules for its customers to choose from: 1.5mg and 3mg capsules. Both capsules are made using the same organic, healthy list of ingredients, all of which have been sourced from eco-friendly farms within the EU.

Every product sold by Smart CBD is guaranteed to be completely free from artificial dyes, scents, toxins, and heavy metals. In order to ensure that this is true of every product, Smart CBD uses thorough lab testing, checking each ingredient, and providing a complete cannabinoid breakdown.

Smart CBD customers are able to access lab reports before shopping providing confidence and peace of mind that each capsule only contains pure, organic ingredients. Smart CBD pays close attention to the small details giving their CBD capsules an edge over many other brands.

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