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Mixing Rustic and Glam for a Unique Look

Rustin glam is a stunning combination of styles. The juxtaposition adds interest and character to your space. Plus, it gives you a ton of flexibility when selecting decor items. 

Adding a rustic vibe to your space gives it a comfy feel. Wood tones and neutral colors make your home welcoming and homey. Adding a touch of rustic charm can make your space feel friendly to visitors. 

But who doesn’t love a little glitz and shine? That’s where the glam comes in. Metallic hues and sleek metals can take your space to the next level. Their contrast with the rustic look can give you an interior that’s stunning, unexpected, and downright gorgeous. 

Creating a Rustic Foundation

The foundation to this look is a rustic decor theme that’s perfectly suited to your taste. First, think about just how rustic you are going for. Start with your base. Are you more interested in super rustic reclaimed wood floors? Or maybe you want to go a little more modern with a neutral greyish-brown vinyl plank. 

Then, think about the wall color that will work best with this design style. Hues in white and light grey will give you an airy feel. You can also look for deeper hues like charcoal or even sage for a cozier vibe. Keep in mind that all of these hues play wonderfully off of the rustic wood tones you plan to add to your space. 

Adding detail to a wall can give it a custom feel. Board and batten walls are the perfect focal point to add to your space. You can also create a unique look with a variety of wood-hued planks. Or, channel your inner Joanna Gaines and add shiplap for the classic modern farmhouse look.

Adding Glamour to the Kitchen

Your kitchen is likely the most commonly used room in your home. This can make it one of the trickiest to decorate. The key here is to perfectly balance form and function. How do you make it look stunning while still being user-friendly? Luckily, there are a ton of clever ways to add a touch of glamour to your kitchen.

Even though it’s small in size, your cabinet hardware can have a big impact. Look for matte gold pulls to add shine and sophistication to your cabinets. Or, add crystal knobs for a perfect touch of rustic glam character. 

Your lighting is another impactful choice. Look for fixtures that combine rustic characteristics like wood or iron with glam details like gold or crystal. Then, add Edison bulbs, a must in every rustic glam setting!

Don’t Forget Your Doors

Doors are often overlooked as design components. However, they can have a serious impact on the look and feel of your space. Be thoughtful about choosing their color and even the hardware to add to your design aesthetic. 

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box with your door color. Sure, white and wood tone doors fit the rustic glam vibe. But doors in hues of charcoal or pewter can be a fun and unexpected twist. Add black or gold hardware and hinges to really make them pop. 

Nothing says rustic more than a barn door. Find an ideal space in your home to have one installed. Then, glam it up by painting it a sleek hue or by adding sophisticated hardware. 

A Rustic Glam Great Room


One of the perks of rustic glam decor is that it allows you to style a space that’s comfortable and looks great all at the same time. And this is perfect for your great room. You can create a cozy hang-out spot with a touch of glitz and glamour.

Find a couch that’s both comfy and looks great in your space. A grey corner sectional or a set of cream sofas can provide cozy seating that fits with your decor. Keep it neutral to allow decorating freedom for years to come. 

Throw pillows make a great addition to your space. Add a few in a contrasting color or mix patterns for an eye-catching detail. Casually drape a throw over the back of your couch for a cozy, lived-in vibe. 

A great area rug can ground the room and add to the comfy feel. Look for a subtle pattern that plays off the couch and wall colors. White with grey stripes or a textured natural fiber like jute will fit perfectly with the look you are going for. 

A Dining Room Perfect for Hosting

Your dining room is the perfect place to host holiday meals and dinner parties. It’s also the perfect spot to add a touch of rustic glam decor to your home. Changes both large and small can have a stunning impact on this space. 

The classic farmhouse table can give you the perfect rustic foundation. Looks for options with whitewashed wood or in matte black. Then glam it up with a centerpiece of gold orbs or some eucalyptus leaves in a fun metallic vase. 

A gallery wall can be the perfect conversation piece. Mix both rustic and glam choices for a unique look. A wooden sign or pallet artwork will look amazing next to metallic gold frames or a modern sleek clock. 

Adding a Rustic Glam Touch to Your Bathrooms

Like your kitchen, your bathrooms need to be fully functional. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be gorgeous. Spruce up these spaces and add a rustic glam touch. 

Switching out your faucet and light fixtures can instantly transform your space. Look for modern options in sleek black or metallic gold. Then, add a mason jar soap dispenser for the instant look of rustic glamour. 

Smaller spaces make unique projects more doable. The bathroom is the perfect place to pair a wood-paneled wall with a fun graphic tile. Or, paint the top half of the wall a fun color and add white wainscotting to the bottom half. The result will be a charming splash of character to your once boring bathroom.

Your New Rustic Glam Space


Creating a space that’s both cozy and sophisticated can be a challenge. But with rustic glam decor, you can have the best of both worlds. You can create a space that’s functional and fun to look at all at the same time. 

So grab those grey paint swatches and gold accessories and get to work making a rustic glam space you can be proud of. You’ll love your comfy new look and be thrilled with your renewed vibe. Happy decorating!

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