Microcement: The Coating that has Revolutionized Interior Decoration

Construction processes have several stages that should be carried out in chronological order and with a schedule of times and budgets, in order to help with the final result of an architectural object or any type of civil work to meet the results and expectations required.

Each stage of the construction process has its own degree of complexity and importance. And although these are aspects that concern an architect, for the final user, the image of the project possesses an important value. For this reason, coatings and finishes make a difference in terms of aesthetics and added value. 

This time we will talk about a material that is gaining popularity worldwide, thanks to its versatility and ease of acquisition and use: Microcement. This material has stood out in recent years as a cheaper option in comparision with anbother materials like marble or parquet. In addition, with a very suitable functionality in architecture and construction in general. 

There are many manufacturers in the world of this material, but undoubtedly one of the most prominent in Europe and the United States is the company Topciment, a pioneer in the revolutionary application of this material, complementing its service with professional advice to the customer in each particular case.


How can microcement be described

Microcement is basically a type of coating with a cement-based preparation to which polymers, ultrafine aggregates, additives and natural pigments of colors corresponding to the tone you want to give the finish are added. This interesting preparation process allows microcement to adhere to almost all types of surfaces, which makes it feasible and practical for use on floors, walls, ceilings, interiors and even exteriors. Its easy application also allows it to be used over existing coatings, thus saving on the total cost of the work.

Some uses of microcement in construction

  • Use of microcement in bathrooms

Bathrooms are spaces that, due to their function and their quality as a service area, require specifications that must be taken into account to ensure the durability of the coatings and the good condition of the environment. Humidity is undoubtedly the main factor to consider and for these cases microcement is a good solution to the problem, adding an original and contemporary touch to the bathroom.


  • Microcement on walls, a minimalist touch

Thanks to its versatility, microcement adds to the walls a textured and colored effect that makes it a unique coating. You should know that microcement does not need joints to be applied, which provides a very attractive effect of continuity, especially in small spaces such as guest bathrooms.

  • Microcement flooring, a personal option for every taste

Microcement flooring, a personal option for every taste

The main advantage of microcement flooring is its great funcionality and resistance to abrasion, wear and tear and foot traffic. A paviment that it can be decorated with colors and that offers a non-slip finish.

Microcement is definitely a game changer when it comes to constructions. A beuaty esthetic, durable and resistant.

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