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Melbourne is currently the investment hot spot in Australia. This city has been ranked as “World’s Most Livable City” and is on its way to becoming the largest city of Australia. The population of Melbourne is expected to be double of what it is currently by 2031. Dinas is one such company that can help you look for properties in Melbourne, to know more about them you can visit their website at

World class infrastructure, high living standards, skilled workforce are some of the many reasons why Melbourne is famous for property investment. Additionally, Melbourne also receives a massive number of international students every year who choose the city as their temporary location. Monash University and the University of Melbourne offer top-notch education, and thousands of students enroll here from worldwide. These things have increased the value of Melbourne drastically.
Melbourne Investments

Melbourne is a highly developed business destination and attracts all the top-notch companies. The capable workforce is combined with suitable business conditions, and thus it makes Melbourne highly ideal for business. Melbourne accounts for 29 out of 100 top companies of Australia that have their headquarters in Melbourne. The developed business environment helps in boosting the economy, and it also makes it suitable for people from all around the world to settle in Melbourne for work.

Melbourne is having a rapid growth in its population which makes it easier to buy a property as because with the increase in population the availability of affordable homes also increase. There is a stable real estate growth going on in Melbourne so it is safe to say that the prices of properties will keep going up at a steady rate in the upcoming years and hence the investments will be beneficial in the long run.

Going through some expert analysis is recommended before looking for a property in Melbourne and the following section is precisely about that.

This is a diverse city that is divided by location, property types and prices. Most of the markets are hot, and a few are not. Over the past years, property values have seen a steady rise and are still rising in Melbourne. Reports suggest that the property prices in Melbourne will continue to grow in the upcoming years.

The long term market is good as the number of first-time buyers have increased as the rentals have gone high and availability of rentals have also decreased.

How is it so special?

The demographics of the city makes it unique as it is home to 4.82 million people and is also the second largest Australian city. Melbourne holds 19.05% of the national population and has been ranked the most livable city for seven years. It is the hub for recreation, administration, and culture. Any given day Melbourne witnesses 854,00 people in the town and annually it receives more than a million visitors from abroad. The city is home to people of 180 countries, and, and 100 different religions are practiced. Countries like China and India contribute to 32% of the immigrant population, and thus Mandarin is the second most spoken language in Melbourne.

Melbourne has a well-planned layout and has a lot of public transport options. It is divided primarily into east and west neighborhoods. The ones in the east are more developed than those on the west.

The residents of Melbourne enjoy the most advanced and systematically connected roads and rail infrastructure of Australia. It makes it easy for the locals to move around the city and the surrounding suburbs. The city scored a perfect 100 in EIU Livability report in 2013.

For all these reasons and more Melbourne is the most desired city and also why investment companies suggest you get a property in Melbourne.

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