Maxwell Drever Throws Light upon Workforce Housing and Its Benefit


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Workforce housings are housing units to serve families who form an integral part of the rich and poor population. On the one hand, you have luxury housing, and on the other hand, you have affordable housing. In the midst, you have affordable workforce housing. Although you have several workforce housing categories, it typically serves families who have a median income between 80 to 120%. Although the exact amount differs from one state to another, it is roughly between 80 to 120%. 

Workforce housing units, as the name suggests, are for working families. The income of these families is insufficient, and in the current scenario, they are dropping even low. They do not have the resources to qualify for lavish housing or luxury housing. More so, they are struggling to get their daily necessities met. These individuals have different struggles in life. The widening gap between the prosperous and the middle-income group is increasing. The stagnant wages, rising commodities prices, and regular expenses on daily necessities have got these families stuck in between them. 

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Understanding workforce housing in detail

Although the government does not provide a tax credit for workforce housing, the market is booming. It is because the number of families who form the median income group is increasing. These individuals do not get shelter over their heads, which compels them to stay away from their workplace. Hence, they live away from the town in suburban areas. Maxwell Drever recognizes that regular travel time and expenses on traveling add to their hassle. In such a scenario, the community members must come forward to provide them with an affordable workforce housing unit. Real estate investors, landlords, and hotel owners must grab this opportunity to design new housing units to cater to this population. 

Why is affordable workforce housing beneficial?

Affordable workforce housing is not only beneficial for the workforce population, which includes teachers, nurses, firefighters, and police officers, but it also caters to other sections of society. Whether landlords or real estate investors, everybody can benefit from establishing an affordable housing unit. A viable workforce housing, as mentioned above, has every facility that a person requires regularly. These individuals who spend 30 to 40% of their median income on rent struggle a lot to meet both ends, reveals Maxwell Drever. Hence, providing them with an affordable housing unit will reduce their suffering and provide a source of revenue for the landlord or hotel owner. 

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You may feel that it is a non-profit investment. However, it is not so. At times, the construction of affordable housing units requires governmental capital. The government uses multiple mechanisms to support such structures. In most states, people get a subsidy and a smooth flow of cash for undertaking such construction. Higher authorities also render tax credits and other financial help. Thus, if you want to reap the advantage of these facilities, you can construct an affordable housing unit. Affordable units can help the workforce population relocate near the workplaces. It helps them to save on travel expenses. 

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