Mattress Disposal Guide – Learn How to Do It


Getting a new mattress can do miracle in your health and joy. Your body will be free from aching, tossing and turning and you will get rid of that sprung springs poking you while you sleep.

But then reality hits you and you remember that you have an old mattress which is of no use to you and you are figuring out ways to get rid of that very mattress. Congrats! You are at the right place as here you will get to know some handful methods of mattress disposal depending on your living area and your mattress condition.

Method 1: Donate Your Old Mattress

Donate Your Old Mattress

Donate your mattress if it has still some life in it. Some world-wide famous organizations which accept furniture including mattresses are:

The Salvation Army

It has a vast network of local sites that accept mattress donations. You can plan a pick-up schedule for their trucks to pick your mattress.

Habitat for Humanity

It is a worldwide housing-focused organization that accepts mattress donation drop-offs at different areas.

Good will Industries

It accepts mattresses that are still in good condition. You can donate you mattress at their different drop-off locations.

Apart from these organizations, you can also contact homeless shelters, churches, orphanages to see if they accept mattress donation.

Method 2: Recycle Your Old Mattress

Recycle Your Mattress

Recycling is a financially savvy and environment-friendly method of mattress disposal. Al-most 80% of the mattress material can be recycled. These are some services which will help and assist you in old mattress recycling:

Bye-Bye Mattress

It is one of the best mattress recycling centers in USA which was created to help counteract the serious effect of overflowing landfills.

Earth 911

It provides a search engine that uses your zip code to find the recycle centre nearest to you that accept mattress.

Method 3: Reuse Your Old Mattress

Almost 90% of traditional innerspring mattresses can be used. These old mattresses have some parts which can be recycled, sold for scrap and can be used in your home for various handyman projects.
These reusable parts are:

Steel springs – It can be sold as a scrap and can be recreated as a new steel component such as wind turbines.

Foam – After recycling, it can be used as biomass fuel and can also be reused as moving blanket and carpet padding.

Wood – Wood can be reused in various ways like making pet beds, for garage use and also landscaping mulch.

Method 4: Resell Your Old Mattress

You can actually resell your old mattress to recoup a portion of its original cost. You just have to gather some little information about your old mattress like brand name, model, size, etc. Assess your mattress condition whether it is fair condition or not. Then choose a reasonable price for it and then post an ad for your mattress on websites like Craigslist, Let Go, Next Door, Facebook, etc. And it’s done!

Method 5: Break It Down into Something Creative

If you are sort of creative person, you can reuse your old mattress into a unique and sustainable home decor item. You can reinvent your mattress into something new and cool!


Dumping your old sleeping mattress improperly is illegal and dangerous for our planet. It would be ideal if you try to do your best to be responsible and try out any of the above listed methods to dispose your mattress at any cost. Contribute to your environment and be wise and sensible to do best with you old mattress in terms of disposing it off. Choose the best suited way and get rid of your all mattress.

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