4 Ways to Making The Most Of Your Outdoor Space

As the weather starts to finally heat up, give or take the odd snow storm here and there, the thought of getting out onto a sunny patio or warm deck is beginning to take root in many people’s minds. Even the thought of leaving the house for your Tennis Lessons in the cold is one you’d rather forget. Thoughts of sipping chilled rosé from the comfort of a hanging chair as the sunlight dapples through the leaves of the trees or cuddling up with my sweetheart under the stars as they throw another log into the chimenea have not been far from my mind during these recent cold snaps.

Own Urban Oasis

Small Outdoor Space

Your garden and outdoor areas can add much-needed space to your home, not to mention the relaxation benefits of spending time in your own patch of the great outdoors. Couple that with recent studies showing that a well-planned out garden can add up to a whopping £2,000 to the value of your home and there has never been a better time to start planning out your own urban oasis. Making the most out of your garden is essential if you are looking to make your home look more approachable. dreamsoutdoors.co.uk have a range of wonderful garden furniture.

Perfect Space

Outdoor Perfect Space
It is all very well going to great lengths to plan out the perfect space but if you can only use it when the sun is at its highest you are not going to get as much use out of it as you should. Adding outdoor lights and some sort of heat source is the perfect way to extend the life and use of your space. If you have outdoor electric sockets nearby, strings of light will give a beautiful cozy glow to space and mean you can see what you are eating should you plan some late-night dinners!

Toasty Outdoors

Toasty Outdoors Space
When it comes to keeping toasty outdoors, there are no shortage of options; electric heaters are a good one if you have small children running around, and while they are perhaps not as atmospheric as a pot belly stove or fire pit, you will love the convenience and instant heat that they provide. If you want to keep electric costs down, then consider solar lighting options and a charcoal or wood-burning heat source. You can also simply stock up on blankets to wrap up in when the nights start drawing in!

Upgrading Your Garden

Upgrading Your Garden
If your primary reason for upgrading your garden is to increase the value of your home, then be aware that the addition of a shed is the most valuable thing you can do. While a shed might not immediately speak to chic nights of sipping wine there are a huge array of garden buildings available that do excellent double duty as summer house or storage shed. These deals I found at Groupon had me over the moon with possibilities that would look amazing without breaking the bank. Personally, I love buildings with floor length windows that are ideal for relaxing in or for use as a potting shed if you want to develop your green thumb.

Creating an alfresco haven of your own is the perfect remedy to a cold dark winter and with the addition of light, heat and perhaps even a stylish summer house you will be able to keep that sunny feeling well into the Autumn nights.

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