Make Your Home Stylish With Area Rugs

If you think that your room looks boring, add an area rug to it, and problem solved! Area rugs are a great way to bring some excitement into the room and to switch the whole mood up. Not to mention that they are the perfect way to express yourself and add a touch of your personality to your home. 

But, you should know some tips and tricks when it comes to rug decor because not every area rug will work for you. Some of them are too bold, others can give out the optical illusion of a smaller or bigger room. Look for the area rug that works best for you and of course, read articles that will keep you updated on the latest trends! Sometimes less is more, and you can easily achieve the desired outcome by investing in classics, such are the Teppe rugs.

How to make your home stylish with area rugs

Make it the centerpiece of the room

You can easily do so, especially with bold area rugs that have complex patterns, and vibrant colors. If you’re redecorating the whole room, your choices are endless and you can build the whole room around that rug, but choices are limited if you only add a rug. Make sure that the rug has at least one color that fits in with the rest of the room, no matter if it’s the same shade or a complementary color. Neutral colored rugs with complex patterns can also become a  centerpiece and thanks to the neutral background, they’ll fit in nicely with the surroundings, making the room look fresh and modern. 

You should also know when to stop with going bold as well. For instance, if you add a bold rug, you shouldn’t add curtains in the same color. The curtains are also a big element of the room, so they should be more neutral, just to tone it down a bit. The same goes for the walls. While one bold wall can make a statement and fit well with your rug, all of the walls will make the room look small and unpleasant. 

Play around with shapes 

We all know that most rugs we see are either circle, oval, square, or rectangular. Those are all classic shapes that will bring some design into your room, but they won’t bring you that much of a style. Sure, you can make quite the statement with them, and your choices in terms of color, pattern, and material are endless. Even though you can never go wrong with those shapes, this article is not about playing safe. 

Browse online some modern shapes of area rugs, and you’ll see how many different forms of area rugs are there. Even celebrities ditched the classic shapes for something more unique. Asymmetrical rugs are totally in right now, and they are slowly, but steadily, making their way into every local rug store. Check them out, maybe they’ll go perfectly beneath your coffee table in the living room. 

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Make sure you get the right size

Measure twice, cut only once! Your main goal is to use the max of everything you have, including the size of the room. Purchasing a rug that is too big or too small for the room can give out the final look of an unpleasant room where something doesn’t fit right. So, depending on which room you’re decorating, there are certain rules that you should follow, and we’ll go over them in a bit. We’ll just mention that the right rug size can change the size of the room visually.

For the living room, you have two options. The first one is to choose a rug that extends under the main pieces of the furniture and leaves bare flooring of only 12 inches on all sides. The second option you have is to invest in an area rug that extends beneath the coffee table and only half of the sofa. For the dining room, you need a rug that will allow you to sit comfortably while having all of the chair legs on at all times. And finally, for the bedroom, you can invest in runners or a rug that will go under the bed, with or without going under the nightstands. 

Use liners and under rug mats

Depending on the material you’ll choose for your rug, it can give out warmth, or it can be like any normal flatweave rug. This works great in the summertime, providing you with comfort and some freshness, but in the winter it’s a disadvantage. To use your rugs all year round, you need to invest in under mats that you’ll put beneath them during the winter. This will add some leverage to your rugs, and it will act as isolation between the rug and the cold flooring. 

Liners are also pretty important if you want to prevent your rugs from moving or slipping under your feet. Another DIY tip that many people use is a double-sided tape, but you should be extra careful when you’re applying it or taking it off, as it can ruin your floorings or the fibers of the rug. 

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