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The interior display of a house details the personality of those living in it. Everybody likes staying in luxurious houses, but the financial differences dictate where you belong. However, this is not always the case, as interior design has changed it all. If you have aspired to achieve the best designs, then you have heard of chandeliers. The traditional form of lighting the house is back to life with a promising future. Luxury chandeliers are the ultimate in high-end style and spectacular, making an iconic statement in your property. Juliettes Interiors is intended to give the best to the customers. Below are our top picks of the best chandeliers to fit in your house.

Statement Crystal Raindrops Chandelier

As the name suggests, the crystal raindrops chandelier is impossible to go by not noticing. This is a dream come true for modern living. A reverberating light is produced from its unique elements, creating brilliance and shadows, giving a heartwarming welcome. Being one of the most expensive of its kind, the statement crystal raindrops chandelier is a rare gem making it a unique interior décor. It is suspended via a modern rectangular ceiling plate in the same finish and is made available after 12 weeks of production.

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Oval Crystal Chandelier

It’s one of the most luxurious handmade chandeliers of modern times crafted out of passion and experience. It offers ambient lighting offering a dynamic look in any interior. Oval crystal chandeliers can fit perfectly in the kitchen, table room, bedroom, or even study areas. The ultimate statement of superior design meets modern living with an oval crystal chandelier.

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Modern Crystal Chandelier

While most people desire superiority, others need a simple but outstanding interior design. The modern crystal offers simple yet striking glamour. The artisan prides themself on a combination of state-of-the-art technology, knowledge, and skills. The suspended layout can be installed in staircases, balconies, washrooms, and other desired areas of your choosing.

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Modern Square Glass Chandelier

This chandelier presents a statement feature in its own right. It’s a large square curved metal in a matt black finish with built-in LED lighting. It also supports a variety of different shaped transparent glass diffusers with a stunning effect.

Large Floating Chandelier Inspired By Nature

This is one of the most expensive chandeliers, termed by some as the best design of its kind today. The floating chandelier is an unusual chandelier that provides infinite sophistication and a superbly glamorous focus. A combination of gold-plated brass combined with clear crystal glass creates the most dramatic of effects.

While chandeliers are here to transform the interior design, many producers do not meet the quality and skills required for a great make. With many copycats, it’s difficult for buyers to be able to identify a legit chandelier. 

Juliettes Interiors is here to serve its customers, dealing with the best dealers. There is a wide variety to choose from, with just a few mentions from this article. Please pay a visit to our website for more information regarding chandeliers. 

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