4 Kitchen Essentials: How To Design The Perfect Kitchen

The excitement that comes along with the prospect of having the freedom to design your own home is unmatched. One of the most essential rooms in any house is the kitchen, as this is where the majority of the activity takes place. This is where you go to prepare your meals, clean up the dishes, and bring the family together for conversations before they go off to school and work. It can seem pretty daunting at first, but if you organize your thoughts, you’ll discover that coming up with the perfect design isn’t as difficult as it seems. This is why we’re going to provide you with details about the 4 essentials that you need to keep in mind as you design the ideal kitchen for your home.

1. The Surfaces

The kitchen is different from any other room in your home because you use it for different tasks. You need specific surfaces to ensure that use and general wear and tear don’t ruin these surfaces. You first need to look into the countertop option to see what would live the longest and what would be ideal for cutting up vegetables and meat, and easy to clean as well. The same goes for the floors. Make sure that you pick a kitchen flooring that is easy to clean and doesn’t have cracks in it that can soak up stains and liquid. The kitchen is going to be a messy place, so you need to make sure that the surfaces used can handle excessive cleaning with products that can last for many years to come. The countertops should be thick and sturdy because they will be supporting heavy appliances, many of which will be electrical- and so it’s important to make sure that none of the materials used to support these countertops are flammable in any way. 

2. Appliances

What good is a kitchen without all of the essential appliances? It’s important that you sit down and make a list of all the appliances that you would like to have in your kitchen. This is integral to the design because you need to figure out if your kitchen has enough space, and how you can create this space so that it makes sense to have electrical outlets at specific locations in the kitchen. The oven, for instance, is something you have to think about because there are so many different designs, styles, and sizes. It all depends on your usage and your space as well. When it comes to looking for ovens, make sure that you’re looking at reviews and a site that can offer you different options so that you can compare prices and make notes about the features. You should think about whether you want a freestanding or built-in option and how this will affect the overall design. This approach applies to all the other appliances such as the fridge, microwave, dishwasher, and so on. 

3. Lighting

There is nothing worse than having a badly lit kitchen area. This is where you’re going to need the most light to see what you’re doing and also because you’re going to be spending so much time here. During the day, it’s important to have as much natural light coming in as possible. Use bright colors so that the natural light can reflect off of your surfaces. In the evenings, you want to have plenty of lights put into the ceiling and different switches for them so that you can control the amount of light that you have on different areas in the kitchen. Your counters and your sink, as well as your oven, need to have plenty of light. 

4. The Layout

The last thing you need to do as you think of the perfect design is to work on the overall layout of the kitchen. Now that you’ve thought out the different elements that have been mentioned here, the final touch is working on the layout. You have to place everything strategically so that it works in its appearance and practicality as well. Many people like to have their sinks put below the window so that they have something to look at while they’re doing the dishes. It’s important that the fridge is not right next to the stove so that the heat doesn’t affect its function. You want to have a free counter that you’ll designate for cutting and prepping so that you can transport the food directly to the oven and stovetop. 

Kitchen 2

These 4 essential points are going to help you come up with the perfect kitchen design without overcomplicating the matter. It’s important that you have a list made out of all of the things you need to buy, and you must do your research first before making any final decisions. You much also consider the layout before you make any purchases for your kitchen. 

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