Log Home Kits to Build Your Own Home

It’s understandable that the idea of building your own log cabin can feel like a long and arduous process. But it really doesn’t have to be.

There are complete log cabin kits that make things much quicker and far easier – and at Riverwood, we have prefab log cabins that make building your own home a cinch. What we have done to help you build your own log home are design kits that make everything less stressful. Our aim is to enable you to start living in your cabin as quickly as possible.

A significant advantage of our prefab cabins is that we are in direct contact with you so you can dispense with the hard work.
Build Your Home

All you will be responsible for is choosing from one of our prebuilt designs and ensuring a good foundation is set, and that the plumbing and the power can be connected as soon as the prebuilt cabin arrives.

Prebuilt log cabins are designed for efficiency. They are constructed in an entirely controlled environment within our manufacturing plant, prior to being sent to your location, where it can be anchored to the foundation.

When you’ve been convinced that a log cabin is where you want to be, whether it’s a vacation home or where you will mainly be residing, the next step is to choose the model and style that appeals to you and your family.

There is a wide choice of fixtures that you can select. Not all log cabin kits come with the plumbing and power that are going to make the cabin feel like home. Only those in search of a truly rustic experience, where lights and flushable toilets are of no appeal are likely to be satisfied. For most of us, what makes a home is one where plumbing and power are a must.

At Riverwood, we guarantee to use the best quality materials. We pay attention to the type of wood that we use and are careful about where it is sourced. We believe in protecting the environment and expect this is important to you too so we focus on our cabin kits being energy efficient.
Your Own Home
When it comes to building a new home nobody wants to be waiting for anything longer than a reasonable time frame. How long it takes before a cabin is completely erected and ready to move in to is important.

We all want to start enjoying our new home as soon as possible. Waiting for a year or more is unacceptable. Wherever you source your cabin you should ask how long it is going to take to construct and how long it will take to erect the structure once on site. At Riverwood, we are proud of the fact that our cabins take up to a maximum of just two weeks to erect. Indeed the total time from us building each cabin to delivering it and assembling it should take no more than between six and eight months.

When it comes to how you want the cabin to look inside and out we have a range of advice to offer on features and options. We can help you make a truly rustic space or fill your new home with touches of modernity. We can also help you determine how many bedrooms you will need, and whether you require the cabin to have one story or more.

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