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5 Common Plumbing & Drainage Issues and How to Fix Them

The plumbing in an average two-storey home is very complex, with a network of waste pipes that are all connected and run into the main sewers in the street, and there are many ways that the system can be compromised. Of course, a blocked drain is every homeowner’s nightmare, and with that in mind, here are some of the common issues that are found with domestic plumbing, along with potential remedies.
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  1. Burst Water Pipe – If a water pipe should rupture, pray that you are at home, otherwise it could be disastrous. Obviously, the very first thing to do is turn off the water supply, then you can call in an emergency plumber, who would make short work of the repair. The worst-case scenario would be for this to happen while you are away on holiday, so it might be an idea to temporarily turn off the water supply until you return.
  2. Blocked Toilet – Perhaps the worst scenario for any homeowner, a blocked toilet is not something to tackle yourself, unless you happen to be a plumber, of course. Fortunately, 24/7 Drainage Solutions can solve blocked drains Portsmouth and surrounding areas face, and they make good use of CCTV technology to quickly identify the blockage location. Make sure you clear the area around the toilet, which will make for easy access, and should the blockage occur outside regular office hours, the unblocking expert would offer a round-the-clock service.
  3. Underground Water Leak – In the event your plumbing develops a leak underground, this might not be apparent, and one sign is part of the lawn that seems to be greener than the rest, thanks to the excess water. If you notice a rise in your water usage, this is likely to be due to an underground water leak, and the best solution is to call in a specialist company that unblocks drains and sources water leaks. This eliminates the need to excavate, which can be very time-consuming and therefore costly.
  4. Blocked Drain – This could be caused by many different things; a foreign object finding its way down the toilet, food waste put down the kitchen sink, or even invasive tree roots, which can cause a sewer pipe to collapse. Due to the complexity of your drainage system, actually locating the blockage can be a real challenge, and the specialist drain cleaning firm employs CCTV technology that enables the technician to pinpoint the blockage without having to dig up half the garden. Once located, a high-pressure power rinse will usually free the obstruction, and should the pipe itself be in need of repair, the company can use sewer pipe relining to repair it without having to dig up the damaged section.
  5. Partial Drain Blockage – Signs of a partial blockage include slow draining and strange gurgling sounds coming from the drains, and if a partial blockage is not addressed, it will soon become a total blockage. Call in a drainage clearing company and they will remove the blockage before it gets any worse.

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All of the above are common household plumbing issues, and should you experience any of these, search online for your nearest drain unblocking expert, who will resolve the issue in no time at all.

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