Living Room Cabinet Ideas to Make Your Home Look Elegant & Luxurious

Cabinets aren’t just for kitchens and bathrooms. In fact, the storage space that cabinets offer is just as important in living rooms as it is in other places. Additionally, living room cabinets can play into your home’s aesthetic, add dimension to a room, and even serve as a focal point in the room.

Living Room Cabinets: What They Say About Your Home

The living room is a place of comfort, gathering, and entertainment. Depending on your lifestyle and needs, you’ll likely want to strike a balance between formality and familiarity. Most people have magazines, throw blankets and pillows, picture frames, and other knick-knacks that make for a wonderful, homey atmosphere, but it’s nice to know that you have a place to store these items beyond their usual places on the coffee table or couch.
What They Say About Your Home

Maybe you’ve got too much clutter in your living room. Perhaps issues from that magazine subscription you never canceled are beginning to pile up on the coffee table, or your smart home devices need a place to live without their wires exposed and tangled everywhere. The great thing about living room cabinets is that they can help solve these issues while adding to the charm, comfort, and quality of the room.

You can always stow items under the coffee table or in a storage ottoman, but storage cabinets give your items a more permanent home. With cabinets, wires and power cords are more likely to stay out of sight and better organized, your books and magazines will be stowed away neatly but still in a visible spot, and you can breathe easier knowing everything is organized in a functional way.

Storage cabinets also give you an opportunity to showcase your personality. Show off the things you love on shelves and or in display cabinets. Many people use display cabinets for family photos, artwork, book collections, souvenirs, and movie collections.

Trending Living Room Styles In 2019

Trending Living Room Styles In 2019

  • Country Chic — The farmhouse style has been in for quite a few years now, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Feel free to go cozy with this style and pick up some plaid blankets or some distressed wood art.
  • Warm Neutrals — Keep it simple but inviting with a warm color palette. This could include beiges, eggshell whites, and muted yellows or oranges. Choose a couple of complementary neutrals and plan your decór and furniture with those.
  • Cool Grays — Another top trend, grays, and whites are cool, neutral and calming. They’re very easy to coordinate, and when combined with a spot of minimalism, they allow for an easy switch between atmospheres of comfort and formality.
  • Minimalism — The minimalist trend is all about smooth surfaces, zero clutter, open space, and a muted color scheme. It’s low-maintenance, sleek, and follows the idea that “less is more.”
  • Maximalism — The opposite of minimalism, maximalism is all about combining colors, prints, patterns, and decór. The key with this trend is that “more is more,” and it gives you a chance to really show off your style.
  • Patterns — Here is another option for incorporating your style. Choose a pattern that you love and pick a couple of pieces for your living room. Try grabbing some throw pillows, a blanket, vase, or fun lamp. The key here is not to overdo it, but rather to let the patterns act as accents and focal points.
  • Splash of Color — Whether you have a fun-loving, vibrant style and want color everywhere or you’re looking to go the route of pops of color, you can’t go wrong. Pops of color add to a neutral color scheme and draw in focus, while lots of colors radiate brightness and fun.

Cost Of Living Room Cabinets In 2019

Cost Of Living Room Cabinets In 2019
The cost of living room cabinets is going to depend mainly on a multitude of factors, including the type of cabinets, size of cabinets, cabinet materials, ease or difficulty of installation, whether they are custom made or fitted, and where you buy them from. For example, you can contact Pedini Miami, which specializes in high-quality cabinets, for cabinet and pricing options.

Overall, you will want to do your homework before purchasing cabinets. Think about what you want from your storage cabinets, where they will be placed and how you want them to fit into your room. Then, find a reputable company, like Pedini, to help you with the next step in cost inquiries.

What to Consider When Choosing New Cabinets for Your Living Room

When it comes to choosing new cabinets, consider the factors mentioned above. What type of cabinet are you looking for? Is there a certain material you prefer? Do you want custom-made or custom-fitted cabinets for your living room?

Additionally, set a budget and stick to it. Find something you can afford but also love the look and functionality of. Don’t be afraid to do your research and look at multiple cabinet styles — after all, they are a significant investment.

Trendy Living Room Cabinet Ideas

Trendy Living Room Cabinet Ideas

  • Glass Cabinets — This is an excellent option for those who want a sleek and chic look in the living room. Glass cabinets are trending because of their elegance and simple display abilities. Glass cabinets aren’t hard to keep tidy and are great for displaying things you love. Glass cabinets have aluminum-profile frames to provide an easy grip for opening and closing.
  • Sliding Door Cabinets — Great for an easy open and close, sliding door cabinets also can be placed between worktops and wall units. Pedini’s sliding door cabinets perform the function of a fitted back-panel, offering an optimized and aesthetically pleasing solution for both space and storage.
  • Cubed Cabinets — Cube organizers are in, so why not go the extra mile with cubed cabinets? Pedini’s Kubica cabinets come in rectangular and cubed-like shapes and are great for displaying objects.
  • Storage Cabinets — Where there is a home, there is a need for storage. The more space you can save while optimizing storage, the better and more efficient your cabinets will be. Try these storage cabinets, which come in wall and tall units with glass shelves and interior lighting.
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