Complete List of Halloween Decorations Ideas In Your Home


Halloween Decorations Ideas

{ Halloween Decorations DIY }

Halloween is the time of the year when you either trick or treat. Kids can get a handful of candy, or if you are feeling mean, a handful of non tracking cat litter! Halloween is one of the holidays that leave behind memorable times in many people’s lives. There are many things that one can engage in to come up with the DIY Halloween decorations. This can be done at one’s own comfort zone. Besides the ideas that can be utilized on Halloween costumes, there different ways through which one can decorate his/her home to give it the fun and colorful appearance. One can make use of tin can luminaries, which are very cost effective. However, in order to enjoy what they display, one will have to have certain items in place. Cans will be needed, which will then be holed in order to allow the light to transmit to the rest of the house. Inside the cans, lights or candles can be placed.

Cutting and carving pumpkins is one of the commonly used Halloween decorations DIY. However, it is very tedious to cut and carve the natural pumpkins, thus many people have opted for the artificial ones that are ready for use. The artificial pumpkins come in different colors, shapes, styles, and sizes. At the bottom of the pumpkin, a small hole should be cut and with the use of a knife, a design should be created at the front of the pumpkin. Once the design is complete, the rough edges should be sand down to give it a smooth surface. At the bottom of the design, one can place either a flashlight or electric candle to make the design to glow.

Decorating the Walls during the Halloween is one of the most important parts. You can decorate it by hanging bats, skeleton, and many more things. You can also try some custom canvas prints from specially made for the Halloween or you can make these canvas prints by yourself.

Ghost garlands Halloween Decorations DIY

{ Interior Halloween Decorations }

Interior Halloween decoration can save one on time because they do not take a lot of time to prepare them. They are less complicated as opposed to the outdoor decorations. One can make use of floating hands, whereby one will be required to utilize clear plastic gloves. The gloves will be turned into severed hands, which will then hang around the house. More can be done to the plastic gloves to give them an authentic look. They can be filled with popcorn, tissue paper or any other filling that one finds comfortable. However, in order to achieve the creepiness, it is advisable to fill the gloves with shredded red scrapbook paper to give them a “bloody hand” appearance. The severed hands can hang with the help of slide paperclips.

Interior Halloween decorations can also entail specimen jars, which will be used in showcasing different items. One can make use of spaghetti jars, mason jars or any other type that one finds. Objects should then be inserted into the jars before they can be filled with water as well as food coloring. The coloring makes the objects to have a real appearance almost similar to specimens. There is nothing as easy as creating the flying bats. All that one needs is to shape a black felt paper.

{ 1 } Living Room Halloween Decorations

There are many living room Halloween decoration that one can come up with in order to derive the fun and excitement that comes with this spectacular holiday, which is celebrated on an annual basis. Some people prefer a gloomy atmosphere for the Halloween while others opt for a colorful one. The following are the living room Halloween decorations to try out. They include building a fireplace mantel that can be surrounded by cobwebs to give it a creepy appearance. At the same time, candles can be used in the living room as well as pumpkins, which need to be curved and painted. One can also try out metallic pillows for the theme during Halloween.

Living Room Halloween Decorations

eclectic living room decoration

{ 2 } Bedroom Halloween Decorations

In order to achieve the authentic look that everyone desires during Halloween, there are many bedroom Halloween decorations that one can go for. The use of pumpkins in during Halloween is very common and in order to achieve the creepiness, they need to paint and carved. They can be placed around the bed. On the other hand, Halloween bed sheets are a great way of decorating the bedroom as well as candles to light up the place. One can also incorporate colors for the occasion, such as red or orange bring out the excitement for Halloween while black and white portray elegance.

eclectic bedroom Black Skull, Unusual Colors

Halloween BedRoom Decorations

{ 3 } Halloween Decorations For Kids Room

While the rest of the house can be decorated for Halloween, the kids’ room should never be left out. Kids mostly look out for fun and it can be achieved through the use of Halloween decoration for kids room. To some people, they are after creepiness when it comes to Halloween, but this may be too horrific for the kids. Instead one can go for friendly decorations to decorate the kids’ room. One can make use of Dracula and cat candy dispensers. Halloween books, caterpillar pumpkins, spiders, bat favor boxes and much more can be used for decorating the kids’ room. These decorations will bring out the excitement of the kids. But If you’re live in the Motorhome full time with your Kids and family then You have to focus on how to set up Halloween decorations in an RV like a champ.

Halloween Decoration Wall Art Kids Room DIY Mural

{ 4 } Halloween Decorations For Kitchen

Kitchen is the most visited room in a home by many people. This means that it can be decorated as well for the Halloween party. Halloween accessories can be used in decorating the kitchen, such as drinking glasses that have Halloween patterns. Pumpkins can be used in decorating every room in the house, but in order to achieve the desired theme, they need to be highlighted using paint and be carved to display the meaning of a haunted holiday, which is Halloween. The kitchen windows can be accessorized very easily with the use of Halloween figurines, spider webs and mini pumpkins. We are offering some sparky Halloween Kitchen Decorations ideas that will have your breath.

farmhouse kitchen decoration

excellent Halloween kitchen decorations

{ 5 } Halloween Decorations Bathroom

There are many accessories that can be used as Halloween decorations for a bathroom. The regular bathroom curtains can be replaced with a Boo shower curtains to give the room the desired creepiness. The towels can also be used as Halloween accessories, such as introducing into the bathroom an undertaker vintage style beach towel. The shower curtains can come in different style provided they portray the Halloween pattern or scene. The toilet can be decorated using mats that have the Halloween theme imprinted on them. The color theme of Halloween can be black and orange, thus it can achieve by making use of orange and black bathroom towels. We are here to help you for that cause as we are proving you one of the best ideas for Halloween Bathroom Decorations.

Bathroom Halloween Decorations

Halloween bathroom decor

{ 6 } Halloween Decorations Fireplace & Mantel

In most homes, the fireplace and mantle are the centerpieces and this means that they need to be decorated for Halloween. One can make use of a painted Halloween mantel display that will be hanging above the fireplace. Around the fireplace, pumpkins can be placed to display the theme for the holiday. Halloween accessories can also be used in decorating the fireplace and mantle. A black and white mantle can be created, which will have a scary saying. The mantle can be paired with dried flowers as well as a well-dressed skeleton head. Silhouettes can be used in decorating the mantle. Here we share 23 Best images & Ideas For Halloween Decoration Fireplace and Mantel.

decorating mantel for halloween

bat halloween net fireplace decor mirror ideas pumpkin diy

Bricks Fireplace Wall Halloween Decor

{ 7 } Halloween Decorations Table

There are many Halloween table decorations settings that can be used to commemorate the holiday. This can be done easily with the use of Halloween accessories on the table. An old lantern will come in handy for the occasion, which should be lit and placed on the table. In addition, a skeleton birdcage and black skeleton cat prop can be used for the Halloween theme. Skeletons and pumpkins are the most commonly used Halloween decorations because they portray or relay the message of a haunted holiday. Basically, when it comes to decorating the table for Halloween, one has to make use of different accents to achieve the desired theme.

Inspiration for an eclectic dining room

orange black Halloween table setting

{ 8 } Vintage Halloween Decorations

Vintage Halloween decorations are a great way to decorate the home for the holiday. There are many accessories that can be used to celebrate the holiday. They include pumpkins, which are carved in different shapes to bring the fun. For instance, one can go for vintage Halloween original smiling triangle eyes pumpkin treat bucket, a vintage pumpkin with a head-on corn husk blow mold. In addition, lanterns, rattles, clocks and much more can be used as vintage Halloween decorations. Crazy hats worn by witches can be used as part of Halloween decorations and in this case, one can make use of their images in decorating the house.

Vintage Halloween Decor

{ 9 } Halloween Decorations Lights

Lights are a great means through which the home can be decorated for Halloween. There are many designs of Halloween lights decorations and one has a wide collection to choose from. They include Halloween string lights, flame lights, costume lights and much more. Wintergreen lights come in orange spheres incorporated with amber lights and they are a great decoration for Halloween. Buying the artificial lights can be very expensive, thus one may opt to make use of candles. The candles can be placed inside carved pumpkins to make them glow as well as in tinted can containers.

Lights in Pumpkins for Halloween

outdoor Halloween decorations lights

{ 10 } Wooden Halloween Decorations

Wooden Halloween Decorations are a great way to decorate a home for Halloween. Halloween garland strand wooden skulls can be used as a table decor. There is a wooden decoration that is designed as an owl. It can be hand against the wall. Signboards made of wood can be used for Halloween provided they have a haunting or scary saying written on them. Wood can be carved to come up with a pumpkin design, which can be hang on the wall as an accent for Halloween. Basically, wooden crafts can be used as Halloween decorations provided they portray the desired theme for the holiday.

halloween candy corn wooden outdoor decoration

{ 11 } Halloween Decorations Mason Jars

Different ideas can be used on mason jars on how they can be transformed and be used for Halloween decorations. The jars can be filled with different items that bring out the scary factor, for instance, they can be filled with live spiders. The Halloween decoration mason jars can be bought from the shops to make an easier option for decorating the home. On the other hand, if interested in achieving a colorful environment for Halloween, then the jars can be filled with tater tots and jello. With the use of ribbon, one can come up with different designs that will then be placed inside the mason jars as decorations.

Halloween candle mummy mason jars

Halloween mason jars decoration

{ 12 } Halloween Decorations Food

Food can be used as Halloween decorations and makes the home look festive. One way is to make use salad eyeballs, edible fingers and toes that can be created from sausages. Cupcakes can be decorated with a Halloween design with the use of the cream. Other food ideas include Halloween French bread pizzas, Halloween popcorn and candy hands, vampire cupcakes, crawly spider cakes, pizza mummies, deviled spider eggs, pumpkin cheese bites, candy corn themed pretzels, pumpkin patch puffs, corny cookies, gelatin brain, icky intestines and much more. These foods are made to imitate the creepy living things on earth in order to declare the holiday as a haunting one. More : Halloween Food Decorations

family friendly scary halloween party decorations

Halloween Decorations Food

{ 13 } Black & White Halloween Decorations

Black and white colors portray elegance when used in decorating homes for Halloween. The two colors can be incorporated into the decorating ideas to bring out the desired elegance and style. The pumpkins can be painted black and in order to light them up, candles can be placed inside to make them glow. The wall charts can be in black and white with a Halloween saying for more effect. When it comes to food for Halloween celebrations, they can be in white and black, such as the cream used on the cupcakes can be in white while the cake is black due to the black food coloring. The accents used in the jars can also be white and black for more elegance.

Black and White pumpkins ideas Halloween Decoration

classic black and white Halloween decoration bedroom theme

{ Exterior Halloween Decorations }

One can easily come up with outdoor Halloween decorations DIY. This is very handy when one wants to throw a party in his/her home. The backyard can be transformed and give it a creepy look. This can be done by constructing a backyard cemetery. Construction materials will be used in creating a free graveyard, but in order to achieve a creepy cemetery, different shapes of cardboard should be cut. The cardboard will then be painted to give them an aging tombstone appearance. Mummies can be used as exterior Halloween decoration as well as pumpkins that are carved, which can be arranged along the walkways.

{ 1 } Halloween Decorations For Porch

Halloween Front Porch Decorations are more popular than ever. The porch can also be decorated for Halloween and there are many ideas that can be used in achieving the theme for the holiday. On the porch step rails or columns, cornstalks can be tied and decorated with wispy purple ribbons and cute owls. Landscaping around the house can be done with the use of goblins, twinkly lights, and headstones. The porch can also be shone with multi-colored spotlights that will be incorporated together with skeletons as well as ghouls. At the front door, one can make use of a collection of bones and skeletons, which will act as the reception for the guests. Ghoulish monsters can be hang near the entryway into the house. A gigantic spider web can be hang on the porch for a more scary appearance.

Front porch Halloween

Halloween Decorations Front Porch

{ 2 } Halloween Decorations Entrance Door

The door is the entry for every guest and it needs to be decorated for Halloween as well. There are great decorating ideas that can be utilized. At the door, one can build an artificial cemetery, which portrays that the guests are entering into a real cemetery. One can also make use of door curtains that have a Halloween message to scare away the visitors. On the door, a Black Hand wreath can be hang. Halloween entry signs can be hang on the doors to adhere to the theme. More can be done at the entryway, whereby one can place a doormat that has a Halloween saying imprinted on it. To help you out, we are giving you a few Halloween Decoration Door ideas that will make you stand out of all.

door decoration Halloween

Halloween Door Decorations

traditional entrance porch

{ 3 } Halloween Decorations Window

Another great way to decorate the house for Halloween is to make use of Halloween window decorations. There are many accessories that can be hang against or on the window. One can make use of Halloween gel clings and wall grabbers. The gel clings are to be placed over windows to create the Halloween scene. The good thing about these clings is that they can be reused once the festive is over. An artificial ghost can also be placed next to the window in order to act as a window prop. Flowers placed in the vases can be given a little touch, such as adding artificial eyeballs to roses for a Halloween scene.

Unique Halloween Decorating Ideas for Windows

Halloween Windows Decoration

{ 4 } Halloween Decorations Tree

It is very easy for one to come up with a Halloween tree for the occasion. The tree will only need to be decorated with ornaments, which give a Halloween scene. One can create a candy corn tree that will be decorated with black and white stripped pumpkins as well as paper bats. A black mask tree is another great Halloween decoration, which entails artificial pumpkins, skeletons, and spiders that are brightly colored. Eyeball trees are fun for Halloween because it does not necessarily need to be scary. Christmas ornaments can be used in decorating the Halloween trees. One can make use of Halloween heralds to achieve the desired theme.

halloween tree decoration

Halloween Tree

Halloween Tree Decorations

{ 5 } Halloween Decorations Yard

When celebrating Halloween, it is great to decorate the yard as well. It attracts the attention of the guests from outside before they can actually enter the house for more fun. If one is interested in a spooky appearance, then skeletons are the best deal for the occasion. In addition to skeletons, one can also utilize skulls for more authenticity. Mummies never fail to bring out the creepiness associated with Halloween, thus they are ideal for decorating the yard. There are many accents sold at the shops that are ideal for decorating the yard, such as zombie horde animated prop, a crawling zombie, monstrous spider prop and much more.

Halloween in Lambertville

haunted yard Halloween decor

{ 6 } Halloween Decorations Outdoor

Halloween decorations can be outside to portray different messages to the visitors, especially how haunted Halloween is. Carved and painted pumpkins can be used outdoors. In addition, one can also make use of gourds. One may find it tedious to carve out the pumpkins, but there are artificial ones that are ready for use. Animal creature decorations can be used outdoor for a scarier factor. Skulls can also be buried in the yard to bring out the idea of dead bodies rising. Tombstones are great for outdoor decorations and they give more style in terms of Halloween. Lights can be installed along the pathway to make the place glow more. Here we mention 4 tips & 34 images for outdoor Halloween decoration ideas. These decorations will stock the odds in your favor.

Scary Outdoor Halloween Decoration

outdoor Halloween decoration

{ 7 } Halloween Decorations Wreath

The wreath, in most cases, can be a centerpiece for the living room. One can come up with a googly-eyed wreath that consists of two to three bags of white ping-pong balls that will have to be attached together with the use of hot glue. The balls should be attached to form layers. This will be followed by attaching small and large googly eyes for a creepier look. The wreath should be hanging with a door hanger. Moreover, one can come up with a photo-like frame that will have its centerpiece as spider cobwebs. Different accents can be used in coming up with the Halloween wreath, which will give the visitors to look for more fun inside.

Halloween with Jack

Front Door Halloween Wreath Decorating

{ Other Style of Decorations }

{ 1 } Harry Potter Halloween Decorations

Harry Potter Halloweens decoration is great when celebrating the festivity. There are different ideas that one can look out for. The potion bottles are very common among many people. One can easily come up with the bottles through making them to look old and spooky. One can decide on the label of the bottles depending on the message that one wants to relay. Once the labeling has been done, the bottles should be filled with anything that one chooses, such as colored water, vinegar and much more. Except for potion bottles, creative wine bottle decoration is also a very popular choice for lots of people. Moreover, other Harry Potter decorations include sculptures, paintings, collectibles and much more.

Harry Potter theme Halloween Party

DIY harry potter floating candles Halloween

{ 2 } Halloween Decorations Spiders & Web

Many people fear spiders and this makes them very handy when it comes to Halloween. In order to achieve the desired creepiness, one can utilize the artificial spiders. For instance, a giant spider can be wrapped around a mummy for more impact. In addition, spider webs can be utilized for the occasion. The webs can be placed around the bushes or chandeliers. Most decorations opt for giant spiders, which may have glowing red eyes and bendable legs for a scarier appearance. There are giant spiders that can be controlled with a remote, which makes them more effective in scaring people away. Artificial spiders and spider cobwebs will transform the entire house as desired. You need to step up your game with Halloween Decoration Spiders & Web. To help you do that, we have some great spider crafts for you to try.

Halloween Decorations With Spiders

Crazy Spider House Outdoor Halloween decoration

spiders snakes and bats for Halloween decor

{ 3 } Halloween Decorations Bats

Bats become active at night and thus they are linked to like darkness. This is the reason as to why artificial bats come in handy in decorating homes for Halloween. It is easy to come up with artificial bats, which are spooky. All that is needed is black craft foam, googly eyes and a fishing line. The bats can be hang on trees as outdoor decorations. Moreover, pumpkins can be used in creating Halloween bats. They will have to be painted black while the eyes will be in white. Artificial wings will be added to the pumpkins for a complete design.

Halloween Bats

Halloween Bats Decoration Craft

{ 4 } Halloween Decorations Skeleton

Halloween is never celebrated well without the skeletons. They bring out the desired creepiness and more fun. They can be used both outdoor and indoor because they are easy to organize. Basically, the skeletons are meant to bring out the graveyard scene. To complete the scene, the skeletons should hang around together with skulls for a more realistic environment. The Halloween skeletons include animated skeleton props and life-size skeleton props. For a conspicuous look, the skulls and skeletons can be lit for more glowing. The skeletons and skulls can be bought from shops. For instance, the different types of reapers can be hanged inside or outside the house.

Skeleton Halloween Decorations

skeleton croquet scene

Halloween Decorations Skeleton

{ 5 } Disney Halloween Decorations

Disney Halloween decoration are many in number. They include the Mickey Mouse Halloween Jack’O lantern light, tinker bell Halloween ghost, Jack Skellington pumpkin bowl, Halloween banners, Mickey Mouse ornament tree and much more. These decorations can be bought at the Disney stores. In addition, there are haunted mansion bottle stopper, the haunted mansion coaster set, tile coaster, hourglass, nightmare before Christmas wreath ornament, Sally ear hat ornament, Oogie boogie ear hat ornament and much more. Other decorations include the animated glow décor that can be used both outdoor and indoor. The list of the Disney Halloween decorations is endless, thus the customers have a wider collection to choose from.

Best Halloween Decorations at Disney

{ 6 } Zombie Halloween Decorations

Zombies can be used to achieve the Halloween theme, which is scary and haunting. There different styles of zombie setters that can be used in different places around the home. Windows and walls can be covered with vast zombie scene setters, banners that have a zombie theme and wall decorating kits. In addition, zombie warning signs can be utilized during Halloween, The signs can either be animated or life-size for authenticity. Black lights can be incorporated into the zombie theme. Zombie portraits can be used in decorating the home as well as signs. Moreover, Zombie posters also display the creepy atmosphere for the event. Scare Your Guest With stunning zombie Halloween decorations. we are giving you some greatest zombie Halloween decoration that will make your day. So try them out.

Zombie Halloween Ideas

Zombie Halloween Decorations

{ 7 } Halloween Decorations Ghosts

In order to achieve the spooky atmosphere, Halloween ghosts can be used as decorations. To some people, without the ghosts, then there is no Halloween. It is easy to create a graveyard ghost with the use of tattered clothes. In addition, lumina pumpkins can be incorporated into the theme as they will act as the ghosts. Food can also be used to bring out the ghosts theme. The topping of cupcakes can be designed to come up with a ghost, which is edible. Cheesecloth is very handy in creating ghosts for Halloween. Haunting is easily achieved with the help of the ghosts.

Ghosts Dancing Around a Fire

Halloween Decorations Ghosts

{ 8 } Scary Halloween Decorations

There are many decoration ideas that one can utilize to achieve the scary atmosphere. Reapers can be very effective in scaring people away. They can be placed upside down for more effect. Hanging bats can be used both indoor and outdoor to bring out creepiness. The ideas can be very easy, such as placing a head in a jar. The head is made out of paper and then inserted into the jar, which will be filled with water. Mummies can be placed in the yard or along the walkway and they will be very effective in bringing out the scary factor. A chicken wire can be used to come up with a ghost, which can be placed in the yard. Upstate your Scary Halloween Decorations.

very scary outdoor halloween decoration

scary halloween prop by House Of Sims

Scary Halloween Decorations

{ 9 } Cute Halloween Decorations

It not necessary for Halloween to be scary, but instead, it can be colorful for fun. Kids may get really scared with the Halloween decorations, but there ideas that one can utilize for them. One can easily craft an owl pumpkin that is cute. Costumes can be made for the kids, such as hats for more fun. Instead of using a complete horseman door greeter, one can use a headless one. A witch pumpkin is one of the cute Halloween decoration, which can be placed on the front porch. Candy corn piñata, mini pumpkin wreath and much more are cute to commemorate the event.

Kid-Friendly Halloween Decorations

Cute Halloween Decorations

{ 10 } Rustic Halloween Decorations

Halloween can be celebrated in many different ways; some people look for scare while others are after fun and relaxation. Rustic Halloween decoration bring out relaxation and coziness. A rustic theme is all about pumpkins, distressed signs, burlap, wood slices and moss. A witch hat can be used as a décor as well as skulls. The rustic theme is easy to adopt. For instance, on the table, a burlap can be laid, which will then be accessorized by black and white pumpkins. A signboard with a Halloween saying can be used as a decoration. Banners and posters will also come in handy during this holiday.

Rustic Halloween Decoration furniture ideas for living room orange and black hang

rustic Halloween mantle decoration

{ 11 } Funny Halloween Decorations

Bothered on the Halloween decorations that you will utilize for this season? Then, here are great ideas that you will find handy, especially when interested in deriving fun. Pumpkins can be carved in different shapes and styles, thus based on them different Halloween themes are achieved. For a funny Halloween atmosphere, a Mickey Mouse lantern pumpkin is a god option. The porch can be turned into fun through arranging hay bales, dried corn stalks, mums, and pumpkins. The window boxes can be filled with pumpkins that may be surrounded by vines. At the front porch, banners can be hang to bring out fun or rather cuteness despite being Halloween.

funny halloween decoration ideas

outdoor Cute funny Halloween decorations

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