Latest Kitchen Interior Designing Trends – 2021

Have you been looking at your kitchen and thinking it is time to switch it up a little? If yes, there are plenty of kitchen design ideas you can try out. 

It can be something as simple as changing cabinets or appliances. You can also get a little bit more creative with the latest kitchen interior design trends for 2021. So let’s check out some of them.  

1. Concealed Kitchens for Space

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Concealed kitchens are fantastic innovation when you are struggling for space. You get the beauty of an open plan without showing the kitchen area. 

The design creates a smooth transition to the main living area. Incorporate the use of decorative wall finishes on the door panels for a more seamless look. 

2. Go Compact

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Compact kitchens are another excellent idea for small or awkward spaces. An example of an awkward kitchen space is one that is too narrow.  You may find it challenging to fit in everything you need.  

But, with a compact design, you minimize space while achieving maximum efficiency. Everything is within easy reach, allowing for greater utility and flexibility. One idea is to have cabinets along one wall so that you streamline the space.  

Go for ceiling to floor cabinets to avoid clutter. If you want an island, think of smaller dimensions so that you do not crowd the room. An option would be a floating island for additional seating space. You want to have sufficient room to move around.  

3. Don’t Be Afraid Of Color

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Think of a typical farmhouse kitchen. Immediately you step into one, you get this feeling of warmth and comfort. Now, do the same for more modern kitchens. There is a sharp contrast in the use of color and material. The latter tend to be stark, for lack of a better word, in how they look. 

But how about bringing out your creative, colorful side in your kitchen. Do not restrict yourself to the traditional white with sprinkles of grey. Go crazy by combining color palettes to your heart’s content.  

A warm tone on an island, for example, is welcoming. Consider colorful options for the walls and countertops. You spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so why not make it more interesting. Always refer to the psychology of colors to evoke particular emotions.    

4. Multi-Functional Spaces

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One word to describe modern living is busy. We are always running up and down, trying to catch up. Consumers are therefore more demanding of functionality. That is what you get with multifunctional kitchen spaces.  

The design brings you everything you need within one compact space. The layout includes integrated sitting areas. Storage solutions are full height, with space for kitchen and work paraphernalia.  

The kitchen would not be complete without an island or breakfast bar that doubles as a workstation. You could be busy preparing supper while catching up with pressing work. 

At the same time, your kids will be using the same space to do their homework. You can supervise them without running from one room to another. 

5. Dark Trends Bring In Sophistication

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This design style may not work for everyone, but dark trends in kitchen spaces are catching on.  We don’t mean an occasional splash, here and there, of dark color against a light surface. Rather it is a rich monotonous approach that gives a simple yet elegant design.

You could find the genesis of dark trends in those who want two-tone kitchens. So imagine going for black for cabinets and countertops. Then bring a touch of color with your furniture.  

If you did not want the full-scale dark color, you can explore the different tones within the same palette. Black together with different shades of grey will look fantastic. What you achieve are sophistication and complete luxury. 

Throw in some wood accents, for homely, rustic charm. Do take note of the lighting in the kitchen. The amount of natural light coming in should be a lot.  

6. Minimalism Is Still In

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Which design trend do you know that remains relevant year in, year out?  Without a doubt, minimalism would be one of your top picks. It is popular because what you get is a very clean, simple space.  

There is not too much work that goes into creating it. Your focus remains on practicality without compromising on style. And let’s be honest, maintaining such kitchens is more manageable when everything is in its place.  

The design aspects look at how to integrate appliances and create smooth looks. There are minimal appliances on top of the counters. You also hide storage for a more seamless look. 

Consider throwing in some statement pieces like pendant lights. Accessorize with unique seating, indoor plants, or even a touch of color. Do not be afraid to imbue your style in the overall look and feel. 

7. Green is Dominating 2021

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2021 is a year when people are more appreciative of good health, safety, and environmental consciousness. It could explain why an earth color like green is finding its way into interior design. 

The good part is you can combine the different tones to make your kitchen stand out. What you get is a feeling of the outside in your indoor space. The connection with nature evokes feelings of comfort, wellness, and mental health.  

Green will blend into a traditional or contemporary kitchen with ease. Match it with more neutral colors, and you get a feeling of space.  

Here is a good tip; include a few plants to bring out the theme.

Final Thoughts

You pay so much attention to the other rooms in the house. Why should the kitchen not be a beneficiary of your creativity? We have shared some fantastic design trends for 2021.  

Now here is the good part, the ideas are yours for the taking. You may admire specific elements in all the different designs. You have complete freedom to make appropriate tweaks depending on your style. 

Throw caution to the wind and get creative with color, material, and design elements. You and your family will enjoy spending time in a functional yet aesthetically pleasing kitchen.

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