Landscaping Trends to Watch Out this 2020

National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) recently announced their annual list of top lawn and landscape trends this 2020 with ornate landscaping and weaving in blue color pallette being the most anticipated trends in yards.

NALP, also formerly known as Professional Landcare Network, is an organization for lawn care, landscape management, design, build, and installation professionals, and interior plantscapers. The group predicts design and maintenance trends annually with the mission to inspire American homes in creating healthy and beautiful green spaces.

CEO Britt Wood says that “Foundational landscape elements remain on homeowners’ wish lists, but modern updates and technology are now a top priority. With a wave of design and technical innovations, our members report that ornate hardscaping, contemporary features, lush gardens and smart irrigation are all trending and will influence landscape designs across the country in 2020.” He added that this year, homeowners prefer a well-maintained outdoor space that does not only turn heads but also benefits the community and the environment.

Here are the top five trends NALP predicts that will define outdoor spaces this year.

Ornate, Geometric Hardscaping

Intricate hardscaping patterns like chevron, lattice, waves, and basket weave are said to sweep the country this year. Hardscaping refers to structures or hard materials built into a landscape. NALP reveals that more and more homeowners are looking to integrate popular home decor patterns into landscape designs from patios and walkways to retaining fire features and walls.
Ornate, Geometric Hardscaping

Shades of Blue will Dominate Yards this 2020

With rich tones of blue, such as Chinese Porcelain (cobalt and moody blue) and Sherwin Williams (strong and calming dark blue), named as top trends by paint experts, it is no surprise that homeowners are also bringing these hues in their outdoor spaces.

Homeowners adding a touch of blue in sculptures and water features, and garden plants like blue fortune, hydrangea, delphinium, grape hyacinth, and globe thistle.

Personalized Garden Design

Gardening is one of America’s favorite relaxing escapes. More homeowners in the United States shift towards growing their own food at home and in community gardens. In 2016, The National Gardening Survey revealed that around 39 million homeowners have participated in a landscaping project or something similar.

The trend continues on as home gardeners focus more on catering to their personal needs like edible gardens for farm-to-table dining experience, and planting their own favorite vegetables, fruits, or herbs. For those living in smaller spaces, homeowners turn to container gardens, vertical gardens, or “interiorscaping”.

Contemporary and Transitional Landscape Design

Contemporary and Transitional Landscape Design
Simple, sleek and contemporary landscape design is seen to be a hit amongst all generations (boomers, gen xers, and millenials). According to Oasis Landscape, a landscaping company in Atlanta, they’ve noticed a shift of interest towards simplistic designs whether it is for contemporary sculpture, fire or water feature, or outdoor kitchen.

High Tech Irrigation Systems

One-click remote water irrigation systems are also becoming more in demand. These high tech systems make water distribution a breeze and save homeowners money in the long run. Since it’s programmed in a computer or through a smartphone app, these irrigation systems can effectively deliver the right amount of water to a landscape at the right time.

Along with insights from the industry’s top landscaping professionals, NALP trends are also influenced by American lifestyle shifts, design trends, and homeowners’ growing interest in a healthy, well-designed green spaces.

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