Landscaping: How Do I Know If I Need A Landscaper Or Landscape Designer

Are you a homeowner or looking to buy a home and are seeking to transform your outdoor space? Transforming outdoor space through landscaping has become a popular trend which most homeowners believe adds value to their property. Additionally, it helps bring out your unique tastes and preferences.

As a homeowner, you probably have a rough idea of how you would wish to landscape your property. Landscaping comes as an exciting process where you transform your dreams or ideas into reality. However, it can also be overwhelming if you are not sure of how to go about it.

The first step towards successful landscaping is deciding whether to hire a landscaper or a landscape designer. This is a decision that most homeowners find it hard to make as they are not aware of the two professionals’ differences. However, this article offers a detailed guide in knowing how to choose indoor mapping company, whether a landscaper or a landscape designer.

Landscaper Vs Landscape Designer

A landscaper is a professional who is highly skilled in various landscaping aspects. They can professionally build decks, lawns and pavements, among other landscaping essentials. Additionally, they can work on multiple mediums such as concrete, stone, timber and brick. They work to transform plans and sketches into reality.

On the other hand, a landscape designer is a trained landscape professional whose primary role is to design outdoor spaces by preparing concepts, sketches and plans. They usually have a high understanding of plant and horticultural knowledge, which they utilize to meet the client’s needs. They can also oversee the landscaping process if need be.

Now that you understand the difference between a landscaper and a landscape designer, let’s now look at instances when you should choose one.

When To Choose A Landscaper

The services of a professional landscaper come in handy when you need to improve your outdoor space’s appearance. They help transform your outdoor designs into reality. Whether you need a total makeover or some minor adjustments in your yard, a landscaper should be your ideal option. A landscaper will not only mow the lawn or rake the leaves but will also trim shrubs, create neat and appealing pathways as well as a healthy garden.


Additionally, if your yard needs weed removal, soil amendment and insecticide treatment, a landscaper will professionally handle these services. It is the role of a landscaper to see that your yard maintains a healthy and vibrant look.

Depending on your needs and budget, you can hire a landscaper once or have them come on an occasional basis.

Advantages Of Hiring A Landscaper

If you are debating whether to hire a landscaper or to do the work yourself, here are some ideas to guide you in decision making.

  • Saves on time: If you have a busy schedule, you may lack enough to attend to your landscaping needs. Therefore, hiring a landscaper allows you to focus on other things as you watch your landscape’s beautiful transformation.
  • Professional services: Landscapers are trained and have experience in landscaping. As a result, you are guaranteed to get the best results from their work. They eliminate chances of substandard work that may necessitate a redo.
  • Expert advice: When working with a professional landscaper, you will receive expert advice about your landscaping needs. You get to learn a lot from your landscaper.
  • Saves on cost: Landscapers aim to work within your budget. Because they deliver quality work and work within a specified time frame, it contributes to the cost factor.

When To Choose A Landscape Designer

Landscape designers do more of your landscape’s designing and planning. You may require a landscape designer’s services if you need help mapping out a plan for your outdoor space. In this case, the landscape designer will come up with landscape sketches and plans as per your needs. They help transform your ideas into practical plans which lay a basis for the landscapers to work on. The mapped out plan may be handwritten or computer-generated. Generally, you should choose a landscape designer if you are looking to maximize your outdoor space by putting it into better use.

When designing your landscape, the designer will consider factors such as:

  • The prevailing climate
  • Sun exposure
  • Type of soil
  • Topography or slope of the land
  • The well being of those living within your property
  • Your budget

Advantages Of Hiring A Landscape Designer

Although some people may find it hard to justify why they need a landscape designer, here are the top reasons why you may need one.

Idea generation: A landscaper designer has training and experience in landscaping. Therefore, they will help you in coming up with a practical design for your outdoor space. They factor in your needs and offer advice where need be.


Site analysis: Every parcel of land is different, calling for unique landscaping needs. A landscaper designer will employ their skills to analyze your site and develop an ideal landscape design.

Budget creation: Whether you are doing a small scale or large scale landscaping, you need a budget. Designers are familiar with the prices of materials and services and will guide you in formulating a budget. They also help you determine whether to build the project at once or in phases.

Contractor liaison: Most landscape designers have established connections with landscape contractors with whom they are comfortable working. They can also recommend them to you, saving you the hassle of finding a qualified landscape contractor.

Tips In Choosing The Right Landscaper Or Designer

If you are looking for landscape design in Cincinnati, you might be overwhelmed by the wide range of options available. However, here are a few tips to consider when choosing the right landscaper or a designer.

  • Know what you want: Ensure that you have an idea of what you want to achieve through landscaping. Knowing what you want helps you get a professional who suits your needs.
  • Research: Take your time to research services offered by different landscaping companies or individuals. Read through clients’ reviews to make a sound decision.
  • Shop around: Feel free to shop around for a landscaper or designer who meets your needs. Look at the prices and services offered.

Wrapping It Up

Despite the variations in the choice of a landscaper or landscape designer, you essentially need both for your project’s smooth flow. In most cases, a landscape designer maps out a practical plan for the landscaper to work on. Landscape design in Cincinnati has grown over the years, and you are likely to find outstanding landscaping professionals from this region. Get professional landscaping help today and make your landscape dreams come true.

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