Know What Looks Better in Your Kitchen – Induction or Gas?

Are you remodeling your kitchen and don’t know whether to use induction or gas? What looks better? Which option will allow your food to taste better?

When remodeling a kitchen, one of the most important choices is that of appliances. Looking for those that best suit our budget and our needs can be tough.

Refrigerator, dishwasher…that’s not too hard but cooking appliances? That’s the centerpiece of many people’s homes so let’s focus on an a very important decision – your choice of cooking equipment.

While electric cookers are certainly an option, for someone whose concerned with style, modernity, and budget, it comes down to gas or glass ceramic.

Let’s see some of the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Gas Cookers

Gas Cookers

Let’s start with models that work with gas. A type of plate that is perhaps less aesthetically pleasing than its electric counterparts but which, however, is usually more effective for cooking.

Most people choose to build a gas stove with a gas oven or alternatively, choose a gas plate with an electric oven. These are the most common setups nowadays.

Regarding the advantages of gas cookers we find four reasons why choosing a gas cooker can be advantageous:

  • It takes less time to heat the containers.
  • Lower energy consumption.
  • Different types of containers can be used – from large and bulky pots and pans to small and study electric kettles.

But there are certainly some disadvantages:

  • The protruding burners make it harder to clean.
  • Gas is more susceptible to accidents due to leakage.

Therefore, we have two points against and three in favor. But what really matters? Making a meal. Meal preparation with gas is usually more comfortable for the aforementioned reasons and from a somewhat subjective point of view, your food does end up tasting a bit better.

Induction plates

Induction plates
It is the most modern of the three and therefore the most expensive. Although their appearance is similar to that of glass-ceramic plates, they are distinguished from them by their operation and the advantages that they offer.

Basically, induction cookers work by means of a generation of a magnetic field that, when in contact with a metal container, makes it hot.

Its technology is based on Faraday’s law, and by being more efficient, they save energy and money.

They are also safer, since we can’t burn if we put our hands on them. Let’s bullet it out its advantages:

  • They take less time to warm up.
  • They consume less energy.
  • They are safer, because they only heat the container while the surface itself remains cold.
  • Based on the above, they are easier to clean.
  • They are also programmable.

But as there are also drawbacks:

  • It is the most economically expensive option.
  • They can only be used with a certain type of compatible kitchenware (forget about using pans or aluminum).

Personally, I have opted for gas, for economic reasons and especially because it makes it easier to prepare traditional dishes due to its ability to accommodate a wider variety of cookware.

That said, induction cookers tend to be more aesthetically pleasing, take up less space, and consume less energy.

So basically it comes down to what’s more important – Style and efficiency? Or flexibility in cooking options?

Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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