Kitchen Heaven: 5 Types of Frying Pans You Need in Your Kitchen



Because of the recent global pandemic, people nowadays are more likely to stay at home than eat in a restaurant. People nowadays are cautious in indulging in human contact. People are afraid to mingle with other people, and sadly that hurts the food and restaurant business.

But all is not lost. This global pandemic also presented us with an opportunity to hone our home-making skills, particularly in cooking. With the extra time on our hands, people can cook without any time constraints. But as they say, skill alone is not enough. It would help if you had the proper tools to get the job done. Here are the five types of frying pans that you will need in your kitchen.

Cast Iron Skillet

If you are an avid fan of cooking shows and competitions, you may notice that having a cast-iron skillet must be in any kitchen. The cast-iron skillet is also one of the oldest cooking tools known to man. If you plan to cook a delectable rib-eye steak, having a good skillet is essential as cast iron skillets are perfect for searing meats.

Cast iron skillets have excellent thermal properties. Yes, it may take time to make it heat up, but once it reaches the optimal searing temperature, it retains the temperature suitable for frying and searing. Cast iron skillets are also built to last. They are built tough, and their surface heats up evenly as compared to carbon steel pans.

Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron skillets also are relatively affordable so that they won’t break your bank account. They are easy to clean, and they also fortify our food with iron. Cast iron skillets are also naturally non-stick. Once your cast iron skillet has a nice sheen to it, it’s basically non-stick, so you will need less oil to cook with. This fact is an added health bonus, especially to those who want to lose weight.

Carbon Steel Frying Pan

For decades, carbon steel has been used in different industries, like engineering and design. No wonder it is also used in making frying pans. The most significant advantages of using a carbon steel frying pan are its maneuverability and being lightweight. Carbon steel frying pans are also very durable and have a smoother surface.

Carbon steel frying pans are also very versatile. If you have limited storage space in your kitchen counters and cabinets, you will want a pan that will do almost all of the kitchen jobs. Carbon steel frying pans can be used on all surfaces. It’s safe on the stove, in the oven, under the broiler, and on the grill.

Another advantage of cooking with a carbon steel skillet is that it heats up quickly. This means you can cook more food with only a fraction of the time. This also means that you can save on gas and petrol because it does not require a long time to heat up.

The Non-Stick Pan

The non-stick or Teflon technology has come a long way in these past few decades. Modern non-stick pans are now very safe even when used in daily cooking. Non-stick frying pans are also recommended for newbies as food will not stick on the surface even without oil. Non-stick pans are also easier to clean and more comfortable to cook with.

The Non-Stick Pan

Using a non-stick pan will enable you to be more carefree with your cooking. Because food will not stick to the pan’s surface, you don’t have to spend as much time stirring or turning the food. A non-stick pan will also require less use of cooking oil, which equates to a healthier meal. This is perfect for those individuals who are trying to shed a few extra pounds.

Stainless Steel Frying Pan

If you are looking for a pan that gives you the biggest bang for your buck, then the stainless steel frying pan is just the thing for you. Stainless steel pans are almost indestructible, and they are often viewed as an investment for inexperienced and professional cooks alike.

These stainless steel pans are also non-reactive. This means that you can cook a wide array of food variations using a single stainless steel pan. It allows cooking acidic recipes, like tomato sauces or cilantro lime fish. Lastly, stainless steel pans are frequently regarded as the museum pieces of the kitchen. Not only do they cook well, but they look great also.

The Copper Skillet

Copper is a widely used metal for multiple purposes, from telephone lines to our cookware. It is known that most copper skillets conduct heat better than iron and even better compared to stainless steel. This is why many chefs use copper pans for cooking because it conducts heat and spreads it evenly on the surface.

The Copper Skillet

Because of even heat distribution, using copper skillets and pans enable the chef to cook temper sensitive dishes. Copper also has antibacterial properties as we well know that bacteria and germs cannot survive on a copper surface.


Whether you are a novice or an experienced cook, this global pandemic has allowed us to improve our cooking skills. You still need a lot of essential kitchen tools to master if you want to level up your cooking prowess, and having the proper frying pans and skillets is an excellent way to start your culinary journey.

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