Kitchen Cabinet Designs That are Sure to Tie The Room Together


Kitchen Cabinet Designs

It’s time to finally replace or update those outdated kitchen Cabinet Select that you’re forced to look at every day. With the kitchen being the focal point of every home, it’s ideal to have the kitchen updated at all times. Your home revolves around the kitchen and if your kitchen isn’t up to par, then it can have the rest of your home looking the same.

Having an old and damaged kitchen will discourage you from preparing scrumptious meals for your family and guests. How can you entertain guests with this kind of kitchen? Do you think this kitchen will enable you and your guests to have meaningful conversations? How your kitchen looks and functions can set the tone of your home and the mood of the people in it.

With a few clever Kitchen Cabinet Refacing, you can transform your entire kitchen without having to do a full demolition on it. The kitchen of your dreams doesn’t have to empty out your pockets. Take a look at some different kitchen cabinet ideas and designs to find which one might be right for you.

Which countertop and cabinet colors best complement each other

Are you ready to tie your kitchen and entire house together? Continue reading below to learn more!

Modern White With Classic Elements

New and modern white cabinetry pairs amazingly with classic elements in a home. If your home has beautiful classical elements within it such as antique doors, vaulted ceilings, or older windows, then modern white cabinets are a perfect choice! All of the antique elements of your home will contrast well with the white cabinets in your kitchen.

If your home doesn’t already have these elements within it, consider salvaging antique pieces and adding them into your home. You can also visit Cabinets Select for discounted cabinets with classic designs. Just be sure to do this little by little as you won’t want to bring in too much. You want to find the perfect balance, so add a little over time and take a step back to take it all in.

White has always been a timeless and elegant color that fits any kind of kitchen. This color can make your kitchen look more spacious and cleaner. However, if you plan on using white in your kitchen, make sure that you have the time to clean it regularly. White is a very light color, and dust buildup can be very visible on the walls, ceilings, and other surfaces.

If you feel that it needs a bit more, then bring in the vintage!

Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

White kitchens have been a trend for quite some time now. However, that trend is being overpowered by colorful cabinets. Yes, it’s okay to have cabinets with a splash of color, just be sure the colors match your style.
Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

Adding colors to your kitchen cabinets can make the space more interesting and unique, but if you’re leaning towards this direction, pay attention to the colors you plan on using. Using too many colors in the kitchen can make the space look and feel cluttered. The wrong choice of colors can even create stress for the people who will spend time in the kitchen.

If you’re wanting to bring in that color burst in your kitchen, the cabinets are the perfect place to start, however, you’ll want to be sure that the color you choose goes well with the rest of your kitchen. With so many different colors to choose from, this could become a bit difficult. Here are some great options below.


Gray is a neutral color that soothes your kitchen’s style. It’s also a great alternative to those who like the idea of a black and white kitchen but don’t want to go so bold in their own.


Black cabinets bring a moody presence into your kitchen design. This color is super modern and goes well with lighter elements in the room. Since black is the darkest color in the color wheel, it’s best if you couple this with accents in different colors. Metallic knobs and handles can complement black cabinets.


Yellow often gets a bad rep when thought about being the main color in a kitchen. However, with the right shade, yellow cabinets can bring just the right amount of warmth into yours. Yellow can also bring cheerfulness in the space and can improve a person’s mood.


There are multiple shades of green that will work well on your kitchen cabinets. You can opt for a darker green if needing to contrast with light elements, or you can opt for a lighter shade of green that’ll create an earthy tone.


Blue is an amazing choice for any kitchen. Again, there are several different shades that’ll be a perfect choice no matter what design you’re looking for. Choose from dark hues to light hues to create the style of your choice.

Place Drawers Above Cabinets

We all know that cabinets are where we store all of our kitchen utensils, spices, and other equipment. However, there never seems to be enough space no matter how big the cabinets are. Because of this, placing drawers above the cabinets is a wonderful idea, especially if you’re someone who seems to always have an overfill of kitchen supplies.

Build cabinet drawers into your kitchen wall, right about the cabinet doors. It saves space and doesn’t create any clutter. It’s a sleek and unique design that you’ll be glad you did.

If you love to finish your meals with a glass of wine, invest in bespoke kitchen cabinets, and install a built-in wine cooler in it. Bottles have irregular shapes, which is why storing them in cabinets can become a struggle. Aside from the shape, wine bottles are also very fragile, and mishandling them can result in breakage.

Vertically Paneled Cabinets

When you think about cabinets, you probably think about square or rectangle doors, horizontally shaped throughout the kitchen. But this isn’t the only way to fit your cabinets into your kitchen. Vertically paneled cabinets are a great idea that makes your kitchen stand out from the rest.

Consider adding in vertical paneled cabinets into your kitchen’s island. You can paint the cabinets a dark shade of blue or grey to give it a true beach-life vibe. This design is built around relaxation and is a great addition to any home’s kitchen.

Industrial Style Cabinets

Industrial designs and styles are trending. You don’t have to live in a studio in downtown to get the full effect of this trend. You can bring the industrial lifestyle right into your very own home.
Industrial Style Cabinets
Take wooden cabinets and place a thin piece of steel veneer over them. The matte finish on top screams industrial and your kitchen will be transformed in no time. Be sure to pair these cabinets with shiny appliances and a brick accent wall to really tie it all together.

Just remember to consider a home warranty when purchasing new appliances. What does a home warranty cover? All of your kitchen appliances are covered plus more!

Take These Kitchen Cabinet Designs Home!

It’s time to take these kitchen cabinet designs home! With so many wonderful ways to bring style and color into your kitchen using cabinetry, you’re sure to find something that works for you.

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