How to Design a Deck You Can Enjoy for Years

Installing a deck is an expensive investment to improve your outdoor living. The design has to suit your needs, your house, and your outdoor space, all while being practical and durable enough to last many years.

In this article, we will go through how to design a deck that you can enjoy for many years to come.
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How to Design a Deck: Consider Site in Proximity to Your House and Yard

Don’t just attach a deck to fit an existing area or remake an old deck. This really limits your options. What is the point of installing a ‘new’ like-for-like deck?

Naturally, the house will be the main access point to the deck. Your yard or outdoor space will be another access point to the deck.
How to Design a Deck

If your yard is flat, you can build a low deck (below 30 inches) that doesn’t require guardrails. If your yard is sloped, then you can consider a high deck, which will need stairs and guardrails.

If you have landscape views, then it’s worth building your deck to make the most of these views. You also want to make the deck sun-facing.

Decking Materials

You want to install the right type of deck for your personal taste and durability requirements. You may prefer the look and feel of real hardwood, but this requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep.

Alternatively, you may like the ease of man-made decking materials. Use hidden fasteners instead of screws or nails for a professional finish.

Don’t forget that natural woods will require treatment and weather protection.

Living Routine

Design your deck around the way you live. Do you live in a warm climate and spend most days outdoors on your deck, or is this an occasional ‘nice day’ deck?
Living Routine
Do you throw large outdoor parties? Consider installing an outdoor kitchen when you install your deck.

If you live in an area that is prone to unpracticable weather, then consider a deck with a roof.

Other Design Elements

Always incorporate outdoor furniture, cooking supplies and plants into your design. You wouldn’t want to design and build a deck only to work out it’s too small to fit your 16-seater outdoor suite.

A deck should have plenty of room to at least have an outdoor table and chairs set with room to walk around easily. Many decks can benefit aesthetically by adding a pot plant to bring some of the green from the yard onto the deck.

Custom Decking

If you want the perfect deck for your house, yard, landscape, and personal taste, then consider installing custom decking. The whole deck will be personalized to you.
Custom Decking
Custom decks are a great way to ensure you will enjoy your deck for many years.

Start your Deck Design Today

By following the above ‘how to design a deck’ pointers, you’ll be able to enjoy your deck for many years. It will be practical and durable and fit with your personal taste.

For more information on home improvements, take a look at the other articles on our blog.

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