Ja Henckels Knives vs Chicago Cutlery



Ja Henckels and Chicago Cutlery both two brands make strong, sharp, and good quality knives. But, if you look closely, you can see some differences between these two knives.

The differences vary with edge angle, blade sharpness, durability, price, performance and so on. 

Don’t worry, we are here to help you. You can know the differences between these two knives from here and can select which one is perfect for you. Besides, you can also compare the price, durability, performance, and so on of the two knives.

Ja Henckels knives vs Chicago Cutlery – Where is the difference:

There are very little difference between Ja Henckels and Chicago Cutlery knives. But, the difference is near close, so it is very hard to decide between two. But our guide will help you to understand the difference. Let’s see the differences.

1. The hardness of the blade: 

Ja Henckels knives are stronger than the other one. Moreover, in the case of Ja Henckels, the blade hardness is HRC 57 and in the case of Chicago cutlery, the blade hardness is HRC 55. So, the blade of Ja Henckels is harder than Chicago cutlery.

The blades of Ja Henckels are made of high-quality stainless steel and the weight of the blades is light too. On the other hand, the blades of Chicago cutlery are made from high-carbon stainless steel. So, they can resist stains and rust.

Ja Henckels knives

2. Edge of the blade:

The blade of Ja Henckels knives has a very fine-edge and that’s why it is long-lasting. They are sharper than Chicago cutlery knives.

Chicago knives are also optimum sharper with a 26-degree taper grind edge. But, Ja Henckels knives have a 15-degree angle edge. So, you can cut anything fluently with Ja Henckels knives.

3. Handels and design:

Both two knives have a unique handle design. But, the design and materials of the two knives are not the same. The material and curve of the handle are also different. There is a gentle curve near the butt of this  Ja Henckels knife. You can feel better with the handle and won’t slip much. The handle is made of plastic.

On the other hand, Chicago cutlery handles are contemporary where contoured stainless-steel is used mostly. It will fit comfortably in the hand, but you will find more comfort with the handle of JA Henckels’s knives.+

Chicago Cutlery

4. Price:

The price of the two knives is also a difference. The price of Henckels knives is more expensive than Chicago cutlery. Such as the price of an 8 inches Chicago cutlery is about 25$, where you can get 8 inch JA Henkels knives at 45 to 50$ price range. But, you can get better performance from Henckels knives.


JA Henckels and Chicago knives have almost the same design and specification with little difference. Read the article to see the differences between the two knives. You can see which knife has a sharp blade, which is stronger. Here, the price of Henckels knives is very high, but the quality is so impressive. Those are the differentiate between two knives. I hope you will be able to select the best quality knife after reading this. Have a great journey.

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