Is the Moment to Bust the Mold in Your House

You do not have to suffer from a condition like asthma to know that mold is bad for your health. Even the persons who have a healthy immune system can experience allergies and health issues if they are exposed to mold. Eye irritation, skin irritation, wheezing and coughing are only some of the symptoms you can end up experiencing. Mold is everywhere, and if you cannot control it outdoors, you can take measures to prevent it from growing inside your house. Mold can grow in all rooms of the house, but some spaces are more predisposed to the fungus than others are. You, as the homeowner have to detect the areas prone to mold and to check them regularly, to make sure that you eliminate it in time. It is advisable to prevent the problem, because sometimes the damage is so extended it costs you time and money to repair the house.

Basic information about mold

Mold is a type of fungus widely spread both outdoors and indoors. It sprouts from microscopic spores that float in the air; therefore, it can grow everywhere. When they get on a surface that facilitates their growth their reproduce and when they reach a certain size they become visible to the human eye. But you should not wait to see mold growing in your house, it can cause you health problems, even when it has a microscopic size, because you can inhale it and the pores can easily cause you an attack or allergy. In case you have a strong immune system, mold can grow in a hidden spot in your house, and you may not even be aware.

In your house, there are numerous factors that can facilitate mold growth. Mold spores need darkness, warmth, oxygen and a surface to grow. As you can see, there are great chances your house to create the needed environment for mold to appear. In the majority of cases, it grows in the rooms where moisture is present. Some houses have a high level of moisture, others have water leaks hidden from the homeowners, and sometimes a mix of these factors facilitate the fungus to grow.

Check your bathroom

Is the moment to bust the mold in your house

People love to have long hot showers when they come home from work, but so does mold. Well, it does not leave your house for work, but it patiently waits for you to come home and take a bath, because the bathroom is one of its favorite rooms in the house. It is a warm environment, full of moisture, and in the majority of cases, it does not have ventilation. When it comes to checking the bathroom, you already know that you have to start with the shower tiles, because they are the most obvious place where mold could grow. But there are also other places where it can grow.

  • On the floor and on the walls. Mold is likely to grow everywhere in the bathroom. If there are any leaks in the floor or on the walls, then it can easily appear there.
  • Around the toilet and sink. Toilets and sinks are prone to mold if they are not cleaned and dried properly. It is advisable to check the tank of the toilet, behind the toilet, the toothpaste caddies, underneath the sink and around the pipes.
  • Around the bathtub and shower. These are two areas that regularly experience mold infestation, because they have the tendency to remain damp most of the time. Verify the shampoo bottles, the shower curtain, the showerhead, the loofahs and the washcloths.

Check the kitchen

Is the moment to bust the mold in your house 1

The kitchen is one of the main residences of mold, because it can grow on surfaces like leftovers, dishes, and other humid surfaces. The levels of humidity in the kitchen grow quickly because of the stove and the hot water from the sink, and it is the perfect environment where this fungus can make its appearance.

  • The kitchen sink. A dirty sink is the perfect house for mold fungus. If you use to leave your dirty dishes in the sink, or food in the garbage disposal, they can collect bacteria and contribute to mold growth. The leaky pipes from underneath your sink offer mold the perfect environment to grow.
  • The refrigerator. All expired food causes mold. It is advisable to get rid of food when it expires, and to remove old food from both the refrigerator and pantry. These surfaces can be easily wiped, it is important only to pay attention to their state.
  • The stove and microwave. Mold Tech states that homeowners should check these two food-centric appliances because they are devices that splat grease and spill food, and mold considers them the perfect places where to hide and grow. These devices should be kept clean if you want to prevent a fungus infestation.

Check your bedroom

Is the moment to bust the mold in your house 2

The bedroom is the room of the house with the fewer chances to facilitate mold growth, but if the humidity levels are not controlled there, the space can be susceptible to a fungus infestation.

  • On the mattress. Mold needs only excess moisture to grow, and there are not few the cases when the mold is found under the mattress. It is advisable to buy a mold-resistant mattress if you want to prevent this from happening. Another option is to buy a slatted bed frame because it will maintain the mattress dry and cool.
  • On windows and windowsills. Windows, not only in the bedroom, but also everywhere around the house, are prone to mold presence, because they collect condensation. If they are affected by moisture, mold will soon start to grow on the indoor windows of your bedroom.
  • Heating vents and air conditioning. People spend most of their time in the bedroom, and they want to create there the perfect environment, therefore they carefully set the temperature they consider optimal. But, it is important to regularly check the vents of the air conditioning and of the heating system, because they can easily trap mold.

No one wants to know that their house is infested by mold, but the majority of people do not know where to search for it and what actions they have to take to prevent its growth.

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