Is Moving to Sydney from Brisbane the Right Choice?

According to a research, moving is ranked as one of the top 10 most stressful things a person endures in his life. Whether you like it or not, it is a part of life. In the past, people used to come to Brisbane, in flocks, due to its fair weather and cheaper accommodation. But there has been a decline in people moving towards Brisbane and a hike in people moving out of Brisbane to cities like Sydney etc.

According to Fairfax Media’s census data, the amount of people leaving Brisbane for interstate has increased by 60 percent as compared to 1996. And people moving to Brisbane has dropped to 13 percent. Let’s see a couple of reasons why Sydney provides a better lifestyle than Brisbane.

Great Housing Accommodation

Although Sydney can be a bit more expensive when compared to Brisbane, it is worth the money. The hosing schemes in Sydney are of a higher quality with a beautiful mixture of parks and buildings.

Most families acquire houses near the suburbs, which are in the center of the city and provide excellent housing options. If you are moving to Sydney from Brisbane and the moving process is being a bit too much for you, head over to as the guys over at Optimove provide the best removalist and moving service in Brisbane.
Great Housing Accommodation

Sydney is a more beautiful and a fast-paced city

Let’s face it, Sydney is gorgeous! If we compare Brisbane River to Sydney Harbor, the rich blue hue of the Harbor will always have the edge over the brown sledge color of the Brisbane River. Also, how can we forget the iconic Opera House Sydney has to offer? Along with the worldwide famous Brisbane Harbor Bridge, the Bondi and Manly beaches are as beautiful in real life as they look in the pictures.

Brisbane has a reputation for being a big country town. You might often go to the same place as someone you know and accidentally meet them.

The most annoying thing about Brisbane is that it sleeps early as major markets close at 9-10pm. It is very hard to find an open market after 10. Whereas, Sydney is a livelier city with its exquisite nightlife.

Sydney is a more beautiful and a fast-paced city

Sydney has the best rate of salary in all of Australia

While this is a figure that keeps changing over the years, but Sydney’s unemployment figures have constantly remained lower as compared to Brisbane and other cities of Australia. In 2017, the unemployment rate for Sydney was just 3.5 percent as compared to Brisbane’s 4.3 percent.

One of the most attractive features of Sydney is the huge wages the jobs offers. The average salary in Sydney is AU$70,000, which is a lot more than the $60,000 average salary of a person in Brisbane.
Sydney is growing day by day and offers the best employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in Australia. So, whatever your area of expertise is, you are bound to progress in your career and earn a considerable amount of money in Sydney as compared to Brisbane.

The Bottom Line

Sydney is a great city to live in if you have the resources to do so as it provides some of the most exquisite opportunities to spend the life you deserve. My recommendation is that if you have the money or a good job, Sydney is the best city in Australia for you. But if you are of the modest means, Brisbane is more suitable for you.


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