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Is it Possible to Sleep Organic?

Is it Possible to Sleep Organic?

We know that eating organic food is better for our bodies and better for our environment. Harmful pesticides are bad for the food we eat and the animals, vegetables and minerals that surround us. But is it possible to sleep organic and what are the benefits? Snoozel Green believe so and have created a range of bedroom products which are made from organic materials, the standout product being their organic mattress. And, yes, it is possible to sleep organic and here are the benefits, for you, the environment and the people who make them.

Benefits for you

The top half of an organic mattress is made with sustainably sourced wool and cotton. Both of these fabrics, by dint of being natural, are better for your body. Why? Wool simultaneously keeps a sheep warm in the winter and cool in the summer and what is true in sheep, is the same for humans. Wool has a natural crimp that ‘wicks away’ moisture when your hot and retains heat when you are cool. Natural cotton, similarly, is soft lightweight and breathable. An organic mattress is made using natural latex harvested from rubber plants. This delivers a memory foam experience without any of the plastics typically used in conventional mattresses. This means no harmful chemicals are ‘off-gassed’ whilst you sleep.

Benefits for the environment

It is possible to choose a mattress which is good for the environment and for the earth. The Snoozel Green organic mattress is made using only sustainable, organic wool, latex and cotton. The latex comes from Sri Lankan rubber trees which are harvested sustainably to cause the minimum impact on the environment.

The wool and cotton are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified which ensures that not only is the end product organic but every touchpoint along the supply chain. Full disclosure: the springs are not organic, but they are made from recycled steel.

Benefits for the farmers

The production of cotton is widely considered to be both labour and environmentally intensive. But the cotton that goes into the Snoozel Green mattress is good for the producers in three ways. Firstly, it increases food security, how? By intercropping, this process encourages different crops to be planted between the cotton which means the farmers and their families can also harvest organic food for themselves and their families. Secondly, it gives farmers more financial stability. The farmers get a higher price for organic cotton as opposed to the conventional, intensively farmed alternative. Finally, improved health outcomes, because organic cotton comes from non genetically modified crops which are covered in nasty pesticides.

So yes it is possible to sleep organically and though we can’t guarantee it, we suspect that knowing that you are sleeping on a mattress that is better for you, and better for the environment, may help you sleep better at night.

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