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Is it a Good Investment to Buy a Second Home in the Caribbean?

Thanks to the fact that construction companies and foreign investors have seen in these municipalities’ ideal characteristics in terms of infrastructure, trade, tourism and mobility. All this has generated important and large projects of rest buildings.

With the growth of the population, the housing and tourism needs that arise day by day, the rest properties have generated a greater demand in the country. Many people, especially residents of Caribbean, purchase a second home either as a long-term investment or to enjoy with the family on weekends or during the holiday season. Let’s see how to buy a property in the Caribbean?

The issue of the second home can be seen from two purposes, one related to residential tourism and the second as a real estate investment that is valued over time.

In the first, the owner uses it for the purpose of spending vacations, having a space to get away from the city with the family and, in addition, renting it in seasons that he will not use it so that it generates a profitability and thus manages to cover expenses administrative that that house has.

In the second case, a second home as an investment is to have the property for a certain time and then sell it and thus earn the appreciation.

In addition, it is now more affordable to buy a second home as a tourism than a few years ago. Nowadays he finds houses or apartments that offer all the comforts with prices that can be from 130 million pesos, expressed Caribbean

Characteristics of the Second Home

If you are interested in investing, an important issue is that the sector has a pleasant climate, since if you want to rent it for seasons or if you are going to sell it in the future it will be easier to do business with a home that is in a tropical climate .

Also, take into account the favorable environment of the municipality or city where you want to invest. This refers to the fact that the place has good access routes from your place of residence, that it has all public services and that it is an important tourist environment.

If you are thinking of buying a home to rent it, it is important that it is located in a tourist place or close to one, this will allow you to promote it more and more clients to come to you to spend weekends or vacation seasons. Additionally, you can earn more money in the future when you want to sell it.

Buying a home in a residential complex is an option worth contemplating. In addition to security, these generally have recreational attractions such as swimming pools, green areas, gyms, wet areas, among other spaces that make a property more attractive.


What are the Benefits?

This kind of house is ideal to relax, forget about the daily routine and, in general, they are located in tourist places that have a warm atmosphere and that offer plans for all tastes and ages.

Another of the great benefits is that these are a short, medium and long-term investment and, in many cases, can cost less than a property in a city and have a high appreciation.

Also, people who acquire this type of home can rent it for days, weeks or months, in this way they obtain additional profitability that in many cases are used to pay the property loan or make some other type of savings or investment.

Who Invest?

Generally, the people who invest in a second home are families that are starting their marriage or already constituted nuclei with children who are looking for a place to spend a weekend or vacation and who want a place close to their place of residence and that is not so expensive.

There is also the case of retired couples, who are looking for a quiet place to spend a few seasons close to nature, with an excellent climate and away from the noise of the city.

People who have upper-middle income, where in their investment portfolio they want to buy a house, analyze various areas such as: the Caribbean coast and even cities like Medellín and Cali, because they offer comfortable prices andare tourist destinations.


Investing in the Caribbean

There is no doubt that cities like Caribbean, Santa Marta and Barranquilla are places that offer tourist attractions, fun, relaxation and are strategic points for business.

The Caribbean offers great advantages and benefits for investing in a second home, the properties have an excellent long-term appreciation, all year round they are visited by foreign tourists and are par excellence tourist destinations in the country due to the beauty of its beaches and its rich culture.

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