5 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Self Storage Unit when moving to Croydon


Rent a Self Storage Unit

Croydon is a gorgeous town in south London, England. It is famous for having many green attractions, modern facilities and business establishments. Croydon is also near Gatwick airport, making it convenient for tourists to visit town.

Moreover, it is an excellent place to live in for young families and professionals. Croydon is close to Central London but far enough that it doesn’t have that air of “busy” that London is famous for. Living in Croydon allows you the luxuries of living in London without much of the stress.

Going in and out of Croydon is easy due to their excellent transportation links. It offers railway stations, a tram network, bus stops, and even an airport. Here, you won’t have any hard time commuting!

Croydon is also filled with great establishments for businesses. It was also called The Silicon Valley of South London due to having many digital and technology start-ups. With that, home-seekers and land investors are eyeing Croydon.

Because of its growing popularity, the property values in Croydon is estimated to be more than £300000. Meanwhile the rental cost in Croydon is now at £1240. But, it still depends on which type of house or flat you want to rent. As it the price grows, many are renting self storage units in Croydon to reduce cost.

Meanwhile, if you are planning to move in the area, it is best to rent a self storage unit immediately. This is because moving in or out of Croydon takes up a lot of work. Here, we present you 5 reasons to get a self storage unit in Croydon when moving!

Allows you to move at your own pace

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Moving can become stressful. So instead of pressuring yourself to a fixed deadline, you can move at your own pace. A self storage unit is perfect if you are still finding a new home. Here, you can store your belongings and you can get it any time. Besides, as you move to Croydon, there might be changes in plans. So it is best to rent a storage space to give you more time to get settled in the area.

As you move to Croydon, you won’t have a hard time thinking about where to place your belongings. Rather than unloading everything in an open space, you have a storage unit that guarantees your privacy and safety.

Help you Lessen Clutter

Croydon offers many types of houses or flats scattered in the area. From townhouses, detached homes, studio apartments, one-bed flats, and more. With that, you get to have more choices that fits your preference and budget.

However, if your new home does not have enough space for all your belongings, a self storage unit is something you will need. With this, you get to have more liveable space. Read here to make the most out of your apartment space.

Meanwhile, there are people who aim to downsize whenever they move to a new locale. It is because downsizing helps you to let go several items that you don’t need anymore. If you are getting second thoughts about your items, keeping them in a storage unit can help you. This way, your home will look nicer without the cluttered mess.

Accessible and Flexible

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There are several storage facilities found near Croydon. You won’t have a hard time accessing your unit since you get to choose a lot of nearby facilities. Besides, what you’ll keep in your storage are things that you rarely use. So going back and forth between your home and storage unit won’t be an issue. Storage facilities also let their clients access their units 24/7! With that, you can easily get your belongings if you finally have plans for it.

Meanwhile, renting a storage unit is also easy. You can either use it for short term or long term! The storage company will still accommodate you and you won’t have a hard time getting out of the lease contract.

Gives your items security

Croydon is known to have low criminal rates. Having about 400 000 residents, it is considered to be a safe and quiet place to live in. But, it is still better to make sure that your belongings are kept in a safe place that only you can reach. Self storage units in Croydon guarantees the security of your belongings. They provide security measures and have CCTV cameras around the lot. That is why you won’t have to worry about losing your valuables.

Cheaper and Cost effective

Storage units can help you save a lot of money when moving to Croydon. This is because storage units are more cost effective than getting moving trucks. There are also several storage companies who offer free collection services and give discounts to their clients. Through this, many are setting their relocation budget for storage unit use.

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