Investor’s list of currencies: Cryptocurrency types


Over the past years, the rise of crypto-currency has been vast. Thus, there are many currencies in the market that an investor can fund to add to their asset list. The number of cryptocurrencies as of 2018, the number of crypto-currencies was 1600. However, the number is constantly increasing with the demand for blockchain developers. In the era of stone and caves, people used a barter system to brief their goods and services. The description of modern-day currency includes paper currency, credit cards, wallets, and coins like, for example, Samsung pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Payoneer, and many more. However, these are controllable to centralized authorities like the government and banks.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency digital currency, or virtual currency, is a medium to exchange funds and money between two parties apart from a centralized government. The market of cryptocurrency runs in a stagnant decentralized region. However, the currency can’t operate on physical mediums. But cryptography helps in this matter. The currencies operate in a decentralized independent manner. To start your journey in trading and investments to know the blockchain for democracy and be an independent investor.

Cryptocurrency Benefits 2

What are the benefits of cryptocurrency?

With the digital market advancements of Crypto, the transaction cost is low or nothing. For instance, if you transfer your money to a bank account, you will receive some charges. The best part of using the cryptocurrency exchanges for your transactions is that, it does not come with any time limits like that of the centralized units. Rather, it provides the users the facility of carrying out any transaction, at any point of the day, from anywhere in the world. Moreover, there is no limit on any withdrawals or purchases made from your crypto wallet. There are no limitations over who can use cryptocurrency. And unlike the government entity, you won’t need to hassle yourself with any documentation or paperwork. International wire transfer takes days to move from one account to another. However, cryptocurrency is instant, and you can transfer your money.

Cryptography definition and need in bitcoin

Cryptographic problem creates a digital signature that is unique to the transaction and helps to prevent third parties with malicious intent from stealing the information or eavesdropping on the transaction. The encrypted information is then shared with the network of users for verification, and once verified, the transaction is recorded in a public ledger called the blockchain. In this way, cryptography helps to ensure the security and privacy of cryptocurrency transactions.

Types of Cryptocurrencies

With the launch of the cryptocurrency bitcoin in 2009, it didn’t have any competition in the realm of digital currency. Furthermore, by 2011, new types of cryptocurrency began to emerge. Hence, the rise of new competitors began to adopt blockchain technology. And with the rise towards the rush of the market of cryptocurrency increase. There are numerous Cryptos on blockchains that you can put up front for financial concepts.


The leader of the crypto section is Bitcoin. The creator goes by the pen name Satoshi Nakamoto. The creator is mysterious, and no one actively knows about them. Every day 1000s of Bitcoin are mined. The market cap of Bitcoin is $410 billion as of 2022. In June 2022, there were more than 19 million tokens in circulation against a limit of 21 million.


The buildup of Ethereum is designed as a programming blockchain. It was created and developed to support the currency. Ethereum is a platform and currency that powers the blockchain. The blockchain has supported many coins to launch in the crypto market. Moreover, the market cap of the blockchain is $150 billion.

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USD Coin

The USD Coin, also known as a Stablecoin, owns a market cap of $55 billion. The coin’s creator is Centre Consortium, including two main founding members. The two members are a Circle and a Coin base. The token is held at 1$ reserve. Therefore, it is regularly audited by Grant Thornton as a major corporation. The launch of the coin was in September 2018.


There are many cryptocurrencies that one investor can put their funds in to create an asset. However, with the recession of Covid-19, people now want to invest somewhere they lose a low amount.

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