Introducing Eddy Perez, CEO of Equity Prime Mortgage

Eddy Perez is one of America’s top mortgage bankers: not only is he one of National Mortgage Professional Magazine’s Most Influential Mortgage Professionals under 40, but he has also earned a prestigious Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB) designation, is chairman of the MBA’s Political Action Committee, co-chairs the MBA Affordable Housing Council, and is on the panel for the MBA Future Leaders Program. As the President and CEO of Equity Prime Mortgage, Eddy also cultivates a success-driven team that consistently endeavors to empathize not only with each client but also with each other. But how does Eddy manage to nurture such a care-driven culture?
Here are five of Eddy’s top strategies when it comes to leading a successful business philosophy.

1. Motivational Town Hall Talks

As a development-driven leader, Eddy is keen to ensure that all employees receive professional development opportunities. To achieve this, he organizes inspirational town hall talks from thought-leaders, which take place every Friday. The town hall talks inspire knowledge sharing, bringing teams closer together and sparking healthy debate. Overall, the town hall talks encourage collaboration, productivity, and stronger relationships between team members. Most recently, Eddy welcomed Leashes of Valor president and co-founder Danique Masingill to a virtual EPM town hall to discuss the importance of empathy in her organization, which trains dogs for veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries. Eddy is now working with Danique to launch a #ChooseKindness campaign.

2. A Focus on Empathy

As shown in Danique’s town hall talk, Eddy emphasizes that empathy should be at the heart of all business interactions, especially when approaching conflict. When we really understand how another person thinks and feels, we can put ourselves in the best position to find the strongest solution for that person. Eddy reminds his teams that there is a difference between empathy and compassion—it’s the empathetic person that will offer the help and solutions required to solve the problem. EPM consistently endeavors to empower all team members and clients, offering opportunities that allow everyone to excel.

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3. Lending, Leadership, and Life Series

Eddy produces an ongoing mini-series of vlogs for aspiring and new leaders—Lending Leadership and Life—in which he shares tips on how to continuously improve your management skills and build healthy working relationships. Eddy’s tips span from the benefits of having a clear vision with deadlines and objectives to the importance of communication and how to measure success using stats or a financial matrix. Eddy’s Lending, Leadership, and Life series includes episodes that explore fear, company culture, leadership and action, getting involved in strategic markets, living with gratitude, open-door policies, the mortgage market, work-life balance, the GSE patch, and young leaders.

4. Safety Precautions

Eddy always prioritizes health and safety when it comes to employee wellbeing, and the time has never been riper for ensuring ultimate employee protection across the board. Equity Prime Mortgage has implemented important health and safety precautions to keep staff as safe as possible during this turbulent period. From temperature checks to sanitizer stations and masks for all staff and visitors, Eddy has taken every measure to ensure that safety always comes first at EPM.

5. Continuous Promotion of Health and Wellbeing

Eddy is also a huge advocate of physical health and highlights the importance of taking care of yourself physically. Not only does EPM+, the firm’s newest initiative, offer free exercise classes directly to employees, but Eddy also shares his health tips with his teams to promote overall wellbeing. EPM+ Fit provides each employee with a suite of fitness programs that enable them to partake in live workouts with trainers over Zoom. Employees also have access to an in-house co-ordinator who can advise them on their physical and mental wellness.

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You can learn more about Eddy Perez and his leadership tips on his blog:

About Equity Prime Mortgage

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Equity Prime Mortgage LLC is a national lender comprising an array of certified underwriters who offer and advise on a vast selection of mortgage products to meet all buyers’ needs. The management team has over 50 years of experience in the mortgage landscape, and the firm only hires recruits who have a minimum of five years’ industry experience. With an accessible pricing model and the highest level of customer service, Equity Prime Mortgage is dedicated to ensuring your loan journey to homeownership is frictionless.

Equity Prime Mortgage also runs the EPM+ initiative, which is designed to develop employee wellbeing and confidence through a range of empowerment techniques and services. EPM’s management team launched the initiative at the beginning of the year, releasing four programs to cultivate healthy staff connections and mental wellbeing. Aside from EPM+ Fit, EPM+ Connect welcomes recruits to EPM’s forward-thinking team with a series of connecting experiences. Meanwhile, all staff receive the EPM+ newsletter, which is complete with all company updates. Finally, EPM aims to inspire its teams with EPM+ Originals, featuring streams of original social media content that highlight the company’s culture and celebrate individual success stories.

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