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Granite surface VS the quartz surfaces India which one to choose and why?

Granite surface VS the quartz surfaces India which one to choose and why?

The only two materials that are highly popular when it comes to constructing durable, good-looking and, flouring countertop surfaces are granite and quartz. It would be wrong to simply state that one is better than the other. Both granite and quartz have their plus points and elements that make them stand out. For people who have a defined knowledge about both the materials would be quick to use the one they think would suit their home countertop. But for the majority, who are stuck and can not figure out which countertop, graphite, or quartz surfaces India to go for, we are here to help. From budget to look, there is not one but multiple aspects you condiment when you plan to revamp your house. Where, on one hand the living room and bedrooms can be designed in a particular manner with varied materials, kitchen, and bathroom – especially their surfaces require a bit of extra attention. All it boils down to in the end is granite or quartz. So, here is a comparison that will help you divide better.

  • Design and pattern availability

Since granite is a more naturally occurring rock you might find a certain amount of restrictions in terms of the design and pattern availability. There are not many to choose from in the market. In a way, it is good because you only have a couple of options to dedicate your attention to. If you go for quartz surfaces India, the patterns and design option in that is simply splendid. Since quartz is not naturally occurring and they are machine-made, you have multiple color options to choose from. In other words, if you want to go away from the general natural countertop design and work your way towards something a little different, quartz surfaces are for you. Whereas, if you love natural colors, granite should be your primary preference.

Granite surface

  • Construct

The core construct of both granite and quartz are vastly different. You might say that the only resemblance they have is that they are rocks. Other than that, granite occurs naturally in nature, and quartz is machine-made, engineered in factories. The process of making granite is simple, all it requires is shaping and it is ready to use. However, making quartz surfaces in a different ball game altogether. They are an amalgamation of varied kinds of rocks and minerals.

  • Budget

Both granite and quartz surfaces in India are priced neck to neck. They both can be considered as a luxury countertop, with prices being almost the same in most places in the country. People then go with quartz because they are more easily available both in online and offline markets. Whereas granite can take some time to be discovered. Since quartz is also available in various options of colors and patterns, again, people tend to bend towards quartz more than granite. In short, it is more upon your preference when it comes to granite and quartz countertops. If you like nature, go for granite, and if varied colors and patterns are something you want, quartz it is because ultimately you are going to pay almost the same price.

quartz surfaces

  • Maintenance cost

Hands down, in one word, if we consider the maintenance cost of both granite and quartz countertops, the quartz countertop would take the win. The primary aspect of granite is that it requires a certain level of conditioning. Since granite is naturally occurring, it is made from posts material that requires sealing every once in a while. On the other hand, the maintenance cost of quartz is simply negligible, unless you damage it thoroughly. No bacterial issues, no sealing, better in design, and overall maintenance cost equals zero, so yes, quartz is someone better. But again, if shedding those extra bucks to get your granite countertop sealed every once in a while is not a burden to you then why not go for granite.

Whatever the scenario, as always, simply saying that granite is better or quartz is of the higher quality can be wrong. Both have their highs and lows and ultimately is upon you to choose which surface you would like to go for. Additionally, both the materials are quite high in price. So, conducting a good amount of research to learn a bit about both, in terms of the sellers from where you are buying and the price you are getting can be an excellent point to start your shopping. Once you are all set, start resurfacing your home with the best.

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