Complete Interior Renovation Of Chevy Chase By Benton Architecture


Complete Interior Renovation Living Room

Benton architecture has become a renowned name in the interior design and architecture all over the country. In this article we have explained the complete interior renovation of Chevy Chase by Benton Architecture. Let’s have a look.

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First let us just appreciate the white space that is the main focus of the kitchen interior. It gives a very clean and classic touch. And that pop of color in the form of those flowers is just the cherry on top. Notice that there are no blinds over the kitchen windows which have made the kitchen only bright and airy the whole day long but also gives a very spacious vibe to the whole ambience of the space. Check out the classic open pantry at the opposite side of the kitchen made of wooden shelves. It is quite a handy alternative than cupboards where your kitchen supplies do not come to full display.

White Paint Kitchen Cabinets and Drawer

Kitchen Renovation Wood Floors

Kitchen Pantry Design, Brick Wallpaper Flooring

Square Marble Kitchen Island With Drawers

Living Room:

The same clear color palette as used in the kitchen is being followed in the interior of the living room. Uniformity in the color palette of the walls really gives a widening aura to the whole house especially the colors of whites, beige’s and champagnes. Once again notice how the whites are complemented with bright pop if color in the form of big cushions on the sofa. Living room has to give cozy vibes and many people do not know how to. There is just one trick behind it; Lighting. Yes, big lamps play a huge role in creating that comfortable and cozy ambiance in the living room that instantly relaxes whoever enters the space. You can also add some art piece in your living space if you think that walls are pretty empty but don’t overdo it.

Living Room Dining Small Space Decor

Complete Interior Renovation Living Room

living room corner decoration

Dining Table Flower Pot Decoration


This can become the place which can truly define and showcase your creative side. Many people don’t pay much attention to this place but honestly we think that this place has the most creative interior potential. For example, see how this staircase represents someone who loves to read. This is the one idea that everyone who reads this article take from this interior renovation. The situation of the mini sitting area with the wooden table and lamp really makes the whole space “one-man library”.

mini sitting area with wooden table and lamp near staircase


Here too the renovation is done in a very simple and fuss-free manner. The take-away points from bathroom renovation are the big round mirror over the wash basin and the modern lighting system complemented with the conventional wash basin. The placement of the wooden chair is also a fresh take to the whole interior of the bathroom. Although the space looks small but notice how it is used in the most effective manner with the use of clever interior tips.

bathroom renovation

bathroom renovation with big round mirror

wash basin design for bathroom entrance

So this was the whole step by step interior renovation description of Chevy Chase by Benton Architecture. We hope that it helps you while you are planning the interior renovation of your home.

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