7 Different Way to Indoor Plants Decoration Ideas in Living Room


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I love plants and flowers, you know?! If I had more space in my bungalow, I will put even more Large and small. I will play with them in my room. Unfortunately when you have a small space room we rely on small plants or find other solutions to decorate its like indoor plants. In such case, it becomes necessary to choose the best soil for indoor plants.

creative ways to display plants indoors

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Today I wanted to talk to you about decoration with plants and how to decorate to your home. Besides the fact that there exist some plant that are more difficult to take care of than others, they can become true decorative objects. Anyway, Some tips make help you, they have a minimum of light, not too draughty and they are found in moderate areas (where there are not many changes in temperature). If you are looking for easy plants decoration, in the sense that there is not much watering, you can crack on cacti, succulent plants but this will be the subject of another post, a little more specific on plant species.

So we return to our sheep and I present to you lovely ways to decorate with plants and flowers. Cedar House Flowers provides you same-day flower delivery Seattle to decorate your home with plants and flowers.

Small Plants Decor Living Room Corner

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Accumulate Plants

It’s stupid but a single plant will seem sad unless it is impressive and is distinguishes itself by its location. Then opt for the accumulation, you will create the volume, and have a very nice curiosity cabinet effect. As a small indoor garden, the idea will be to mix plants, sizes and pots on the contrary, to dwell on one type of plant: a jungle of cactus with terracotta pots makes me dream for example. At the Urban Jungle, do not be afraid to bring a green touch to your home and do not hesitate to create different levels.

Small Indoor plants

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indoor plant decoration ideas

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Hanging Plants

I think this is one of the ideas and trends that I prefer. This gives a lot of poetry, and a somewhat bohemian side.  To Hanging, drooping plants and plants that do not require much maintenance, to avoid a defeat each time.

According to DIY Garden, hanging plants are a wonderful way to add a touch of nature to your home without taking up too much space. They can also help to purify the air, improve your mood, and boost your cognitive function. In addition, hanging plants are relatively easy to care for and can be a beautiful addition to any home décor.

hanging plants ideas

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Single Hanging Plant

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Have Pretty Pots, Customize Them

It’s very simple and it brings a touch of poetry. This is a real way to integrate decoration in plants and vice versa. You can choose beautiful pots, brands that you like, ceramic pots made by artists or you can create your pots yourself or customize existing pots by painting them.

pretty small pots decor at window

coffee table trays silver With Plants

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Use Branches

Rather than using the whole plant, it takes just a branch or shoot to put in a vase, it can give a mini-tree side that I love in an interior. Both perfect for a modern or bohemian interior.

Scandinavian Interior Home Decor With Plants

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growing plants in water

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Use a Bench

I speak bench but it could be a serving, a beautiful chair or any other surface capable of accommodating your plants and here again we follow the first advice we accumulate them. This will create a plant wall, a mini jungle to embellish as decorative objects.

creative wall hallway with plants decoration

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ransparent Frames With Plants and Feathers

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On a Shelf

It is a bit the same principle as a bench, but here, the plants should not be too large, and you can completely go on droopy plants. On the edge of a window it is also very pretty, or in the kitchen we can opt for aromatic plants.

grey glass scandinavian cabinet for plant decor

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Living Room Wall Shelves design With mall plants

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A Large Plants Decoration Next to the Sofa

The idea here, as I said above, is to bet on a plant in height. Beside the sofa, because it is often an area that can be neglected or even in a corner a little bit empty. A large plant dresses and makes the space living.

A Large Plants Decoration Next to jardan wilfred sofa

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Large Plants Decor Next to the Chair
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