Important Facts You Need to Know Before Buying a Garage Door


If you are looking for doors that will last more than a decade then getting a good garage door is definitely the best decision. This is why it is very important to spend some time and effort in making the right choices.

Here are few facts you need to know:

1. Get a quote in person

It is never advisable to order garage doors on your phone or buy them online. This is because most garage doors are different sizes and shapes. It is best to get a salesperson to help check the size, shape, headroom and design decision of your house before you order a door.

2. Be Cautious of Wooden Doors

Wooden Doors
A wooden door takes a lot of time and money to maintain. The only time you get to enjoy a wooden door is when they are still new but they don’t look pristine for very long. In order to keep having that new look, you will need to recoat it every year. All this hassle can be avoided with a steel door that has a faux wood-grain design. These doors look very similar to real wood doors. If you are looking to spend a bit more, then consider getting doors with composite wood overlay.

3. Consider Upgrading Your Current Insulation

Would you like to save more energy and make your garage warmer? Consider buying an insulated door. You may need to spend a little more on the upgrade, but an extruded polystyrene with polyurethane insulation installation will make your garage a cozier place.

4. Beefier Springs

These enable your doors to move up and come down slowly. Torsion springs used in garage doors are installed above the doors.This upgrade can cost as little as USD$50 and you can buy a spring guaranteed for up to 20000 cycles –twice the lifespan of a standard torsion spring.

5. Get an Opener That is Brand New

Any garage door or opener falter after prolonged use. If you notice that your door is aging or that you simply desire to have a silent opener or different features, then you may consider getting a new opener.

6. Use a Professional for your door installation

It is not advisable to install your garage doors yourself. This might save money on workmanship but if you choose to self-install, there are many heavy parts that can take up to a day to put together. Winding the springs requires tools specifically made for the job. It requires a lot of energy and time and can be dangerous if not installed correctly. Getting a professional will save you all this and if your door develops any faults, there will be someone to call on for help.

7. Get Your Door’s Design from a Manufacturers’ Website

Technology has improved so much which makes choosing the right design for your garage doors easier. There are manufacturers’ websites that allow you to upload a picture of the type of garage you have and they provide you with different door style choices that are a perfect match for your house. You are able to select different colors, style and pick the desired hardware.

8. Choose the Right Window

Garage Door Window
Choosing the right windows will definitely improve the look of both the interior and exterior part of your door. It helps to supply the necessary light for your garage.

9.Do You Desire a Silent Door?

If you do, then you will be needing insulation that has polyurethane as well as a nylon roller. This always dampens the vibrations that are amplified by an uninsulated steel door. Nylon rollers make your doors quieter than metal ones.

10. Get 24-Guage Steel

When getting steel doors, ensure they are made of steel that has a minimum of 24-gauges. Many doors are made of thinner steel which is not as hardy. A good thick gauge will prevent your door from denting.

With these useful facts at your fingertips, you can look forward to a long and happy life for you and your garage door.

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