Adding More Style To Your Bathroom In A Classy Way


The bathroom is perhaps the most regularly used spaces in the home, yet the most undervalued. A number of homeowners usually overlook the importance of styling the bathroom probably because of the financial implications involved. However, this does not have to be you. Styling your bathroom will not only make it pleasant but also add more value to your home. Furthermore, a bathroom makeover does not have to be expensive. Using a few proven styles, you can transform your bathroom to reflect your personality and preferences. Below are simple tips you can use to add style to your bathroom without going overboard. You may read more about bathroom styling and bathroom extractor fan at Product Spy.

Replace your Tiles

bathroom tiles decoration
You have thousands of options when it comes to choosing bathroom tiles. The most important part is to select tiles that complement your bathroom theme and personal sense of style. Swapping your old tiles for new, elegant ones can make the difference in giving your restroom a refreshing look. Using accent tiles creates a glossy effect while rustic tiles create a withering effect. You may also use dark colored tiles to camouflage stains and make your bathroom easy to clean.
Update your Lighting Fixtures

From chandeliers to wall-mounted sconces, lighting fixtures can greatly transform your bathroom to reflect your style. Select lighting fixtures that complement the design of the towel bars, faucets and door handle for a more elegant look. The fixtures should also balance with the size of the bathroom appropriately. Whatever you choose, ensure that your lighting fixtures adhere to the building codes of your area.

Add a New Mirror

bathroom mirror decoration
You should give your bathroom a much-deserved facelift, by swapping your old mirror for a new and unique replacement. Mirrors not only create an illusion of space but also add significance to your bathroom. Go for antique mirrors, or uniquely framed mirrors to give your bathroom a distinct look.

Put Up a Stylish Shower Curtain

bathroom Shower Curtain decoration
Putting up a stylish shower curtain is as easy as 1, 2, 3, as you do not require any tools or expertise to do this. However, with so many options at your disposal, selecting the perfect shower curtain for your bathroom might turn out to be overwhelming. To start with, choose a curtain that goes well with the theme of your bathroom. You may also opt for brightly colored or patterned curtains that add more interest away from the dreary parts of the bathroom.

Reuse Glass Jars for Storage

Bathroom Reuse Glass Jars for Storage
Glass jars are great for storing bathroom essentials such as makeup brushes, tweezers, cotton balls, unused soaps and jewelry among many others. Reusing these jars not only creates more space for storage but also ensures that you have a clutter-free bathroom. Furthermore, you can also use glass jars for your bathroom plants. Add some greenery to your bathroom for a more Bohemian feel.

From bathroom tiles to lighting fixtures, adding style to your bathroom can go a long way in lifting up your moods. After all, the bathroom is where you freshen up before hitting the road, or unwind after a long day at work. By using the aforementioned tips to spruce up your bathroom, you can rest assured of enjoying memorable experiences for years to come.

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