How You Can Properly Select Your Dining Room Chairs; Your Ultimate Guide

Dining rooms are an essential area for any home, and it’s often seen as a prime place for those who like giving or hosting dinner parties and inviting family and friends for a great meal. Of course, if you are into this, you would want to make sure that your guests are comfortable whilst they are sharing a meal with you, and this comes with the proper seats.

If you already have a dining table but are thinking of replacing your old, worn-out seats with new ones or you are on the lookout for a completely new set and would like to outfit your entire dining area correctly, here’s how you can properly select your dining room chairs; your ultimate guide.

The size

The size of chairs you choose is a big deal, particularly since you would need to make sure that they fit well around your dining table.

Before purchasing any chair, take a measurement of the area where you are planning to place them, and take measurements of your dining table. This would include both the width and height. Keep this in mind; the standard chair is around 45 centimetres (18 inches) from the floor to the seat, and the standard dining table is around 76 centimetres or 30 inches in height.

It follows that you should choose chairs which are approximately 45 centimetres tall so there is enough room for the user’s legs. Think about the width of the chair as well, and make sure you know how many chairs you would like to fit on each side of the table.


The material

The material of your dining room chairs is another consideration, so make sure it can match with your requirements, as confirmed by renowned chair suppliers like

Some of your options include metal, upholstered chairs and wood. Wood chairs are great for homes with a traditional theme, particularly if you have other wood furniture around. You can also opt for wood chairs with upholstered backs
with seats based on how formal your dining area is.

Metal is another good choice, and it can give the space a more modern and contemporary look. Metal chairs are also lightweight, so it’s easy to move them around, and they’re easy to maintain and clean as well. Upholstered chairs can give you hours of relaxation and comfort with padding on the back, seat, or both. You can even include details such as tufting, padded chair arms, and so on, or make it more casual with straightforward tailoring.

The style

Once you have chosen your options based on material and size, the next step is to focus on the style and design. For this, pay attention to patterns and colours which are a good fit for your home’s theme. If your home has mostly neutral colours, you may want to choose light brown, white, or beige chairs. But you can also give your dining area a splash of colour with chairs in orange, teal, or
other bright and bold hues.


You can opt for patterns, particularly if you want to add a more personal touch to your dining chairs. Paisley is a popular pattern, as are geometric prints and even zebra stripes if you want your dining area to look more fun and informal.

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