5 Easy Tips to Keep Your House Presentable and Welcoming

You might be one of those people who find themselves at peace at their own house. You personalize it in many possible ways to reflect that you are a resident there with its every inch. And prefer your gatherings to come to you, instead of leaving your home for them. All that means that you are quite attached and share a special bond with your house. But it also means that you need to keep it in a presentable and welcoming condition to make it comfortable for guests.

It’s not rare to hold something close to your heart, but you can’t expect everyone to comprehend that emotion. People coming over to your place are not going to reason with your mesmerization of it. Instead, it would be convenient for them to question your sanity.

It especially applies if you are living in Philadelphia. The real estate is already an elegant piece of work, but the way you keep it says a lot about yourself. And the problem is that you can’t turn away the blame for tarnishing such a beautiful property.

The only way to put some distance between yourself and that assumption of others about you is to change the way that things work. In simple terms, try to be a little more conscious of how your house looks. Here are five easy tips to get you started on it and make it presentable and welcoming for the visitors. They might not make a huge difference, but they will still steer you clear of any criticism.



A great area to start from is by collecting all the junk around the house. Living at a place for years can gather a lot of useless stuff that you wouldn’t even notice. You can recruit the help of junk removal Philadelphia to deal with this situation.

Keep the things that you believe are still useable for charity or a yard sale. Fill them in separate boxes to avoid mixing them back into your setting. Hand over the scraps and old things to the junk removal squad for getting rid of it.

Once done with this process, you can use the services of the same team to give your house a thorough clean. That’s the next step in the chain of decluttering to ensure that your efforts become more prominent.

Ask them to clean your home inside and out so that it turns into a spectacle of exhibition. Floors, windows, ceilings, all of these would look like they had a makeover with a swift swipe. Be sure that you get this done to eliminate things dragging down the look of
your beautiful house.

Improve your Usage Habits

The biggest promoter in worsening the state of our homes is how we use technology and equipment around the house. Laundry, drier, kitchen utensils, all make a significant impact on the look of your house.

Try to use the laundry and drier mindfully, and avoid overusing them with several loads. Divide it into several loads to keep them from latching on the stench of dirty clothes.

Similarly, the kitchen is the most used area around the house, and with all the oil and groceries, it can gather up a lot of dirt. Try to be careful while working and go for a quick clean after you get done using things. Don’t let it pile up or sit on counters and stove; otherwise, it is going to settle on it.

Use the same practices with plumbing, faucets, and dishwashers. Don’t send everything down the drain, and go for proper disposal instead. Use dishwashers efficiently and empty them once done.

Starting to practice these habits can make a significant improvement to your house, and can make people fall in love with it.

Keep the Cleaning Utensils in Reach

Keep the Cleaning Utensils in Reach

You can’t just use the same thing for cleaning for all surfaces and places. There are levels of cleaning, and you need a different set of equipment to deal with it efficiently. That makes placing all these things a problem, and going through the trouble of taking it out can be the reason you are slacking off on it.

Try to turn this situation around by making the cleaning utensils easily accessible so that you don’t have to drag yourself every time you clean. Avoid placing them in the top cabinets or out of reach shelves even if you want to hide them. Vacuums can go in the shoe section of your wardrobe closets, and you can make room in a cabinet under the sink for the rest of the stuff. That should help overcome this obstacle.

Target the High Traffic Areas

There are places around the house that you might use more commonly than the rest of the area. It could be your living room, bedrooms, and kitchen. That makes them more likely to gather the most dust and dirt with frequent use.

If you can isolate them, then you should be more vigilant in keeping them clean. Try to keep up with it at least once a day so that nothing settles in. Be a little careful while using them, and stuff like drinks and food away from them. Or your casual attitude might make you stain the furniture.

You can also choose to put some sheets and covers on them for your use so that they don’t directly come in contact. That should help to sustain their presentable state and keep up a welcoming appearance.

Don’t Miss a Follow-up Clean

Don’t Miss a Follow-up Clean

A problem staring you in the face right after you get done with cleaning it up is the part of doing it all over again. Most people feel that a one-time clean in a month is going to cut it right for them, and they will do it again after the same interval. That is often the reason that the situation goes back to where you started.

Try to maintain the fresh outlook of your house with a follow-up clean of particular areas several times a week. That will make your work last, and let your home gleam and shine without putting in the same efforts every time. Don’t slack off on it if you wish to sustain that presentable state and welcoming atmosphere.


These are five easy and useful tips to keep your lovely house presentable and welcoming for your guests and reflect that Philadelphia spirit from its looks. Follow these, and no one would ever question your affection for your home. And if you wish you take it up a notch, you can always look into more extensive cleaning methods and makeover options that will make it stand out.

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