How Using Crystals Change The Energy Of Your Home

Crystals have been in use over the ages, though their usability is being revisited in recent times. They are known to have mystical properties that include healing and protection.

Beyond these mystical properties, crystals can change the look and feel of a home. A home should be a place to experience serenity, peace, and comfort. However, sometimes homeowners are just not feeling the energy and vibe in their home. That’s where crystals come in handy, as they can be used to bring a new wave of fresh energy to a home. They can also bring back energy that has been lost over time.

Why Crystals Can Change The Energy Of Your Home

Crystals are believed to be a reservoir of pure and powerful energy. These abilities are attributed to the mineral composition of crystals.

Their formation process determines the type of energy they give out. Crystals are formed by intense heat and energy or by water deposits and evaporation.

Crystals can date back generations. They work by soaking up negative energies around your home and giving off positive energies. They are believed to contain the information of each environment they have been in, and this stored energy can be passed on to anyone that comes into contact with them.

In science, crystals are known to have intricate and detailed structures. They have the least entropy in elements known to man. They are structured in a way that they oscillate, which is a response to the different energies around them. They are present in all media transmitters such as TVs and radios. This is because of their ability to store an immense amount of information.

Classification Crystals That Help Cleanse Your Home

Why Crystals Can Change The Energy Of Your Home

Each crystal has its own distinct energy configurations. Your specific needs inform which crystal you need to use. The following are crystal categories that are used for various purposes:

  • Pink Crystals

Pink crystals have a calm aura surrounding them, so they are considered a group of reassuring crystals. They help cultivate an environment of love, kindness, and compassion. Matters that concern the heart are the most relatable to pink crystals. These include feelings of forgiveness, emotional healing, and love matters in general.

Himalayan salts are notable examples of pink crystals. They can be used in the form of a Himalayan salt lamp. The lamps release negative ions into the atmosphere, and these ions can help purify and improve air quality around the home. They decrease depression and create an overwhelming atmosphere of love in the houses they are placed in.

Other examples of pink crystals include rhodochrosite, rose quartz, pink opal, and pink tourmaline.

  • White Crystals

These are the purest form of crystals. They create a noticeable purifying effect in their immediate environment. They are great for promoting peace and calm, and are a perfect choice for meditative purposes.

Clear quartz is a notable example of white crystals. It is a high vibration crystal that is well-known for its intense purifying effects.

It is powerful for destroying negative energies around the home, and also stores positive thoughts and energies. This can help clear your mind for better inspiration.

Other examples of white crystals include Selenite, apophyllite, white chalcedony, and moonstone.

  • Red Crystals

Deep colored and vivid, they are known to increase energy levels significantly. They are associated with the root chakra. They cultivate love, passion, romance, and warmth in their surroundings. They are emotionally intense, but can excite and raise energy levels. They are the perfect choice for when you need heightened energies.

Examples of red crystals include red jasper, ruby, vanadinite, garnet, and rubellite.

  • Black Stones

These are popular for their ability to eliminate bad energy, and also have protective properties. They tend to give people in their immediate environment a sense of security and safety. Emotional and physical safety are guaranteed within spaces where they are found.

These crystals also act as shields against negative energy. Overall, they are stones for tangible spiritual protection. Examples include obsidian, black tourmaline, shungite, and black kyanite.

  • Blue Crystals

Blue Crystals

This category of crystals is known for the ability to ease communication among members in a home. They create a soothing and calm environment, and are also synonymous with depth.

Thus, individuals can speak their most profound truths and remain calm while doing so. Examples include aquamarine, lapis lazuli, blue lace agate, and azurite.

  • Green Crystals

Green-colored stones are excellent stimulants, and add an earthy feel to the environment. They are famed for their symbolism of the beauty of life, abundance, and energies of nature. They are associated with nature, growth, youthfulness, and renewal

They are used to attract wealth, prosperity, and money. They can also help with a reduction of stress, anxiety, and nervousness. Examples of these include malachite, moss agate, and green aventurine.

  • Purple Crystals

These are one of the most spiritual of the crystal categories. They are associated with crown chakras, possibly the most spiritual of the chakras. They are useful for connecting us with our spirituality and intuitions. They inspire and connect users to divinity, and are perfect for meditation.

Amethyst is a notable example of purple crystals. It is known for generating a calm environment, and is considered a protective stone as it keeps bad energies away. It eliminates feelings and conditions of insomnia, mental stress, anxiety, and sadness from people. Amethysts are also known to have potent healing properties.

Other examples of purple crystals are lepidolite, spirit quartz, and sugilite

Orange Crystals

These are associated with the sacral chakra in the pelvis area. They are known to increase fertility and creativity. Orange crystals are known to be happy crystals, which means they attract joy. They are great for when you want to build a strong connection with the people around you. They can also help boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Orange calcite is a notable example of orange crystals. They are full of clean, gentle energies that are linked with physical and emotional healing. They also help individuals gain better control of their lives.

Examples of orange crystals include sunstone, sunset aura quartz, and amber.

Yellow Crystals

Yellow Crystals

Yellow crystals are associated with the solar plexus chakra, which is essentially our sense of self. They create an atmosphere of optimism.

They help bring high levels of energy and positivity to any new endeavor. They can also help with improving will-power and confidence.

Citrine is a notable example of yellow crystals. It is known for its ability to impart joy, delight, and enthusiasm. It increases concentration levels and re-energizes you. Negative energies of depression, anxiety, and fear are pushed far away with these crystals.

Other examples of yellow crystals include golden onyx, yellow jasper, and sulfur quartz.

Different Ways Crystals Can Feature in Your Home

The energy density you can get in a home is determined by the amount of crystals you add to it. Larger crystals in greater numbers mean higher energy in your home and vice versa. Their positioning also matters. The following are ways you can display crystals in your home for the best results.

  • Crystal Lamps

Lamps have various benefits, such as the ability to brighten spaces. When lamps are combined with crystals, they give off light and radiate positive energies in the home. Such lamps include Himalayan salt lamps and Selenite lamps.

Himalayan salt lamps are known to release negative ions into the atmosphere. Selenite lamps are used to increase the energies in a room.

Both crystal lamps provide healing and cleansing effects around the home. They are also an ideal aesthetic source of light.

  • Crystal Clusters

These crystals occur as natural formations. They are great for achieving the best energy effects in the home. When placed strategically on a table or shelf, they radiate energy in all directions. Their increased radiative power comes from the multiple points they have.

  • Crystal Gridding

Crystal gridding is an artificial effort to get the maximum effect of using crystals. They are used to create an energy boundary around a space. This boundary allows for users to interact with only the positive energies trapped within that space. With the right amount of skill, you can achieve the best results using this method.

  • Crystal Spheres

Crystal spheres are great for improved energy radiation due to their shape. They create a strong center point for meditative purposes. They can be used in almost every space in a home. Some users love to hold spheres in their hands during meditation or while asleep. However, they can also be placed strategically on a shelf or table like crystal clusters.

Locations Where You Can Use Crystals

Locations Where You Can Use Crystals

Each room in a house has a particular type of crystal that works best for it. Freedom is allowed while using crystals all around the home, but one general rule is to limit the number of crystals you are putting in a room. Also, never put two similarly working crystals together in a space.

  • The Living Room

Living rooms are a popular space in the home. They tend to receive the highest amount of traffic around the house. Clear quartz is perfect for this space as they help to purify the environment. In crystal clusters, they radiate energy in all directions. They should be strategically placed in the center of the living room for the best results.

Quartz are best used in combination with amethysts to achieve tranquility. This is to calm the heightened energy levels quartz generates.

Amethysts also purify the energy around a living room, thus transforming it into an ideal space for inhabitants and visitors alike.

Other crystal options around a living room include celestite, pyrite, and green malachite. Celestite creates an atmosphere of peace, serenity, and ease of communication in the home. Pyrite is a protective stone that shields people from negative vibrations and energies. Green malachite protects against electromagnetic frequencies.

  • The Dining Room

The dining room is similar to the living room in terms of general use. In modern homes, dining rooms are even conjoined with the living room. Due to the amount of communication that goes on here, Blue Lapis Lazuli stones are recommended to facilitate smooth conversations.

Citrine is also a great option here because it aids digestion. After all, the main business in a dining room is food. Other stone options usable around a living room are dark stones such as black marble and black tourmaline. These all work to resolve communication tensions around the dining area.

  • The Kitchen

Purifying and cleansing stones are important crystals in a kitchen because they remove toxins and contaminants from foods. This ensures that the food produced in the kitchen is healthy.

You can also get better results by sticking with all-natural foods. This is because they work better with crystal energies. Natural foods are known to possess the right kind of energy, while processed foods are filled with fake energy.

  • The Bedroom

The bedroom is another space for extra comfort in the home. For the best quality sleep, rose quartz are a great choice. They are known to promote calmness by getting rid of negative energies around the room. Amethysts can also be used in bedrooms to attain tranquility.

Other crystal options are Howlite, Scolecite, and Selenite. Howlite can help with insomnia. Scolectites help you attain deep and relaxing sleep. Selenite has cleansing properties that can rid your room of unwanted energies. These stones can be used in locations such as the night light stand or under a pillow.

  • The Bathroom

Bathrooms are primarily meant for cleansing. Users want to come out of the bathroom refreshed and relaxed. It is, therefore, important to maintain a calm environment around this space. Amethysts and rose quartz are excellent choices for this space.

  • The Entryway

There are protective crystals which are very much suited for the entryway of a home. These will help restrain bad energy at the door and not allow it to be carried inside. These crystals also contribute to an overall welcoming feel, making visitors feel relaxed upon entering a home.

Blue stones are great choices for a home’s entrance. They create an environment of peace and comfort for anyone coming in. Also, Selenite helps to brighten the mood and prevents negative energies from entering the house with you.

  • The Office

For a workspace in your home, you can use crystals to get rid of undesirable and distracting energies. These can help you with improved productivity and focus on the task at hand.

Productivity crystals such as pyrite are great for the workspace. They attract positive energies, abundance, and good luck. They eliminate tendencies for behaviors that may hamper your success at work.


There are various crystal options for every individual to select from. Each crystal serves a specific purpose, and how they are used also matters. They naturally form in spheres and clusters, though these can also be artificially achieved with lamps and grids.

Pink crystals are synonymous with tranquility. White crystals are high vibrational crystals with purifying properties. Red crystals are great for increasing energy levels in a home. Black stones act as a protective shield in a home to prevent bad energies.

Blue crystals improve the ease of communication in a home. Green crystals add an earthy feel to home spaces. Purple crystals increase the sense of spirituality around the home. Orange crystals can improve your fertility and creativity. Yellow crystals will spark a sense of optimism across your home.

Crystals are usable in every space of your home. However, they must be chosen with the knowledge of the powers each crystal possesses, and in line with your desired effect around the space.

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