How to Write the Best CV If You Have No Work Experience?

For many young people, there are unable to access the same kind of work experience that some of their wealthier and better-connected peers can tap into.

However, there are still numerous ideas that can be put into your CV, even if you have had no work experience.

On top of that, employers will like someone who has not had the same advantages as other candidates, but has still been able to accomplish the same and more.

For many young people entering the job market, they are asking themselves the question, what should I write in my CV if I have no experience?

Selling Your Skills in your CV

When creating a CV, the most important thing to remember is to ‘sell yourself’. However, you should still try to make sure that whatever you say is as relevant as possible to whatever job you are applying for.
Selling Your Skills in your CV

It is important to ensure that you are selling the transferrable skills that you have obtained from previous jobs that you know the employer will want to see.

You may initially think that the skills you mention are not relevant for a particular job. However, there are always ways in which you can reword your previous skills in a way that translate to the job you are applying for.


  • You used to work at Sainsbury’s for several years, proving yourself to be a hard-working and reliable worker
  • You have great interpersonal and communication skills and are a very sociable person

Put Yourself in Your Employees Shoes

Another idea that can be used to write your CV even if you have no experience is to imagine you are the employee reading that CV that you are currently writing.

What do you think they want to see?

What do you think they want to see

  • Write that you are reliable and hard-working
  • Say that even if you do not have experience in this particular area, you have still done X
  • Explain what your degree has taught you
  • Elaborate on the ‘soft skills’ that you have developed
  • Clarify what you, in particular, can bring to this company

How to Correctly Format Your CV

It is important to remember that any employer will not reciprocate on the amount of time spent on your CV.

For some jobs, so many applications will be received that many applicants will be rejected potentially for even the smallest of reasons.

For this reason, make sure that your CV is neat, tidy and does not require a magnifying glass in order to be able to be read.

Remember To Reference

You may also want to include one or two names who an employer could contact if they wished. You may want to choose someone who you have previously worked for who is happy to say what an amazing employee you were.
Remember To Reference
Final tip: do not make anything up! You could be asked about anything you say. Just go to the interview in a positive, genuine mindset and if you are qualified for the job, then you will get it.

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