How to Turn Your Love of Home Improvement Into a Career

Every year, millions of people spend their time improving their homes. Sometimes this involves a little deep cleaning and repair. Other times it involves large scale renovation projects. If you love home improvement and the thrill of changing the look of your home, you probably have some useful skills at your disposal.

People who work on their houses need to be resourceful and good with tools. But have you ever thought about how these skills might transfer to a potential job? Read on to learn how becoming a contractor might be the perfect fit for you and how to get started.

What Does a Contractor Do?

What Does a Contractor Do

When you hear someone talk about this job, they are most likely referring to a general contractor. This is a well-known profession and has been around for a long time.

A general contractor usually oversees some type of construction site. This can be as large as a commercial site or as small as a private residence. They make sure that the clients who requested the work and the builders assigned to the project maintain clear and concise channels of communication.

They also help manage the vendors and trade agreements for an ongoing project. Without a contractor at the forefront of a construction process, things would easily slip into chaos.

How Do I Become One?

So this career path has sparked your interest and you want to take the next step. The good news is that the process is fairly straightforward. Although it may take time to complete, you’ll know where you stand every step of the way.

It typically begins with a specialized training course. Because this particular profession comes with many responsibilities, especially safety concerns, it is important that you are licensed. This helps sustain both safety and accountability. Many companies and organizations offer training to become a licensed contractor. However, it is important to remember that each state has its own requirements.

Once you receive your official training to become a contractor, you will then need to take and pass an exam. When it comes to finding American contractors exam services, you can usually find one in your area. You can search the web or talk to local professionals you know that have passed an exam to gain pointers.

Building a Clientele Base

Building a Clientele Base
Once you become a certified contractor, your next step is to build up your network. This is incredibly important if you want to get hired for projects and earn a living.

If you work in the construction industry prior to becoming a general contractor, this is a strong advantage. Chances are you’ll know quite a few already that could help you get started in the business.

In addition to your personal networks, it is also important that you market yourself effectively. This means being able to sell your services. You should set up a website or other way for you to be visible online. For example, many independent business owners will utilize sites like Facebook to display a page with contact information.

You may also work directly for another, larger company. In a situation like this, they may handle the assignment of projects.


Now that you know what it takes to become a professional contractor, remember that this is a career path you can find success in if you work for it. Contracting is a great way to increase your income while doing work that you love.

Just make sure that you are always adhering to proper safety protocol and planning. You want to take pride in a job well done!

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