Best Instagram Tools to Use for Tacking Your Business Performance

Any business to survive in this age of competition must use the right social media tools. It is imperative and you must adhere to the best social media tools and analytics. With stiff competition online, it is challenging for businesses to make it to the top. The problem is reaching out to your right audience through the noise on social media.

If you are using tech tools and analytics to plan your content and marketing campaigns online, there is nothing like it. If not, you must learn about the tools to measure your brand performance and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Understand your social media goals with the correct analytics and tech tools.

According to an article published on, Instagram is the preferred choice of brands and customers alike. There are many reasons for the same. It is important to ensure that brand goals are relevant, precise, timely, and attainable. The tools will let you determine which of your marketing efforts are working, and which are failing. The photo-sharing platform is not only about taking your selfies and posting those on the platform.

Use the images in the right way because beneath those visuals you will find useful data that you can use it to your benefit. Your closest competitors in business are leveraging the power of social media data for actionable insights. If they can do so, why not you? Instagram tools offer numerous benefits. Therefore, you need to learn more about these tools and see how you can use it your advantage. Here are some of the best Instagram tools that you can use to measure the performance of your business:



It is a premium tool to use for your business. If you want to monitor how your competitors are doing in business, then this tech tool is your best bet. Get Instagram analytics for engagement and community building and use it to your advantage. If you can use this tool to this maximum potential, there is nothing like it. Iconosquare will also let you recognize the key influencers in your niche sector or the industry you operate. Do you know the actual use of this tool? Well, it helps to understand your hashtag data. You can learn about important Instagram posts with a special hashtag and hashtag growth. Accordingly, you can use your hashtag strategy and grow your followers as no other social platform can.

However, you need to take some time out of your busy schedule and understand how these tools and analytics work. Do not rush into the process. Take your time and once you are confident, you can use Iconosquare to increase followers.

Iconosquare also let you get a detailed view of your Instagram analytics, keep an eye on all comments over numerous accounts, streamline content, and schedule posts accordingly. The tool comes with an Instagram search engine to help you reach out to targeted influencers on this photo-sharing platform.


Use the tool’s dashboard to get an idea of the analytics. It features dual visual interfaces, boards, and overviews. When it comes to overviews, it provides regular metrics such as website visitors or traffic, expansion, and the total number of Instagram post. The boards, on the other hand, let you personalize the same easily. They are shareable and provide numerous real-time reports for you to assess and then implement your Instagram strategy for your business growth accordingly. The insights mean post responses based on sex or language, the number of clicks on bio link, and the actions taken by the visitors. You can also see tables, charts, and tree-maps for super fast and easy detection of business growth and trends. Besides, if you want to buy followers on Instagram, you can learn how to do so by visiting relevant platforms and to help your page attain new heights.

Scheduling your Instagram content is super easy with Hootsuite. Think of creative post captions, attach the media of your choice, and then choose dates to publish the post. It is as simple as that. Your followers can see the posts right on your Instagram feed at the defined time. Today, you can manage Instagram posts with third-party tools, a feature that was not available even a couple of years ago. It is beneficial for your business, and therefore, reaps the maximum benefits out of the same.

Hootsuite will also let you keep an eye on activities, users, and monitor performance. The tool also helps your Instagram account managed by many people at the same time. This way, you can assign tasks to members of your social media team.

Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights
It is the social site’s native tool and comes at no cost. Just tweak your profile to a business Instagram profile. Yes, that is it. You need not do anything else or worry about many things at the same time. The process is super easy and straightforward.

There is a four-step process and you once you have done it successfully, you can use Instagram insights like your competitors. Using the tool, you determine the number of saved posts as well as business profile users. It also helps you include the number of times followers employ the ‘Send message’ option on your Instagram Story. Once you can use Insights like a pro and correctly, you can earn Instagram likes naturally to boost your social media presence.

Are you using Instagram ads and worrying about the same? There is nothing to fret because you can keep track of the ad performance through insights. You also have the option of weighing insights for the unique version with those of the post promoted. Besides, you can see insights chiefly on your smartphone. The tool is meant exclusively for the content posted after you changed your account to a business profile. These little things matter in social media. All you need to read and research on the best Instagram tools to measure business performance and take actions accordingly.


Use Hootsuite to measure business performance and take the right steps to increase your fan following. Learn the basics first and then you can start using the complex tools. With a little time and effort, you will learn to use these tools and determine which of your social media marketing strategies are paying off and which are not.

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