How to Transform Your Dining Space with Artisan Kitchen Tile


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Ask a person what their favorite place in the house is, and you’ll know their priorities by their answer. For some, it’s their bedroom because of the peace and quiet, for some it’s the kitchen where they can take care of their family and be creative, and for some, it’s the dining room where everyone comes together to share a meal and their everyday lives.

We’re here to help out the latter ones. Whether you’re in the process of decorating your first dining room or your current one is in desperate need of a makeover, one thing’s for sure – remodeling can be overwhelming. But just like with every project, you need to start with foundations – the floors and the walls.

Since both the kitchen and dining room have a lot of “traffic,” choosing the suitable materials to furnish them is essential. Tiles are the most reliable choice, both because they are durable, look stunning, and complement the aesthetic you’re creating. And if you go for artisanal tiles, chances are your dining space will not only be gorgeous, but also unique. Here are some aspects you should consider before picking the perfect dining room tiles.

How to pick artisanal tiles?

The main reason people pick artisanal tiles is their quality. The fact that they’re hand-crafted and that each of them required a lot of skill and knowledge to be made gives them value that can’t be overstated. 

If you don’t mind investing more money into your dining room, choosing artisanal tiles will pay off in the long run, because they have a sturdier build, are likely to last more, and look better than standard commercial tiles. These are some factors to take into consideration when choosing the best artisanal tiles for you.

Determine the Budget

First things first, you’ll want to figure out how much money you want to spend on your dining room remodel. Do your research to find the local artisanal tile shops in the area and get quotes for the square footage you need. 

The prices can go from a couple hundred dollars to thousands, depending on your choice and budget. A quality artisan kitchen tile will cost you more, but the benefits you get from them will over time make it worth your while.

Types of Artisanal Tiles

There are over two dozen types of tiles you can install in your house, which in itself creates a big dilemma. The good news is that there are usually experts in artisanal tile shops that can help you understand the best kind of tile for your needs. 

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The most common choices are: ceramic, porcelain, marble, cement, natural stone, terracotta, and mosaic tiles. Each type has its own appeal, slightly different look, and durability, so along with doing your research, consult your contractor on the type of tiles that would be the best fit for your house. 

Choosing the Correct Tile Durability Level is Crucial

You probably didn’t know that tiles have different durability levels until you started your dining room transformation. These durability levels are handy because they show you where should different types of tiles be used, so they should make your search for that perfect artisanal tile easier.

There are 5 grades of durability, and for the dining room floors, grade 3 or 4 tiles are the safest choices. They are resistant to wear and tear and respond well to the use of cleaning products over time. Quality artisanal tiles in upper grades are made to take a lot of traffic, spillage, and damage without budging. 

If you want to use tiles on the walls as well, you can use grade 1 tiles, which are the most fragile, but they’ll do a great job of protecting your walls from moisture, stains, and deterioration.

Additional Details to Keep in Mind

Now that you’ve got a handle on the nitty-gritty details that make sure your dining room looks great and is safe, you can think about the aesthetic side of things. Vivid colors and unique patterns are what make artisanal tiles so special, and what will make your dining area stand out as well.

In general, it’s a good idea to choose large tiles for the common living areas, because they’ll make the room look more spacious and clean. You should also pay special attention to the color of the grout – it should be in a color similar to the tile so that it blends well with them. Some people steer clear of completely white and off-white tiles and grout because they show every spec of dust and dirt. 

As for the color palette, the only limit is your imagination. It’s a general recommendation that the dining room and its furniture should be in warm shades, but you can also use bold combos with blue and green accents that will make the room memorable and cozy.

A well-put-together dining room can bring the whole house together, just like it does for a family. Choosing artisanal tiles will make sure you get the atmosphere you want while providing the quality and durability that you require in your home.

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