7 Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home


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A well-organized, tidy, and spotless home is something everyone aspires to have. But if you live in a small house in a city like Terrell or indulge in overbuying or hoarding, your cherished abode can turn into heaps of clutter.

What might start as simple household disarray can quickly turn into your worst nightmare, burying the essence of your home underneath a mountain of belongings. And considering the hot and muggy weather of Terrell, a cluttered home can become stifling, and the already packed space may even exacerbate the sense of suffocation. 

Clutter can contribute to elevated levels of stress and may even undermine your sense of focus. Even worse, you may find yourself lost in the jumble, unable to locate even the most essential items. 

However, decluttering does quite the opposite. The simple act of letting go and getting rid of unneeded items works wonders not only for your living space but also for your mental and emotional well-being. 

Here are some creative ways to declutter your home and spruce up your living space:

Move Unwanted Items into a Rented Storage Space

If you own items that you don’t use regularly but are reluctant to part with, the best way to keep them out of sight is to rent a storage unit. A storage unit virtually extends your home’s storage capacity without cluttering your space. You can store your extra belongings, seasonal items, holiday decorations, and even your valuables under 24/7 security. 

This is especially helpful for people residing in cities like Terrell, since Texas homes, on average, are small and less than 2200 square feet. You can look up storage units Terrell TX, to find the most suitable option for your needs. 

Before renting a storage unit, list down items you’ll be moving there. This will help you figure out exactly how much storage space you need. Since you can rent storage units for as long as you need, you can gradually work through your items and shift unneeded items at your convenience.

Get Rid of Oversized Items First 

The quickest way to declutter your home is to get rid of the larger items first. Large and outdated furniture, worn-out appliances, lumpy cushions, and flattened or deformed mattresses should be the first ones to be donated, sold, or discarded.

You can repurpose your old furniture items and create statement pieces that not only bring valuable utility but also spruce up your space. For example, you can convert an old dresser into a stunning bathroom vanity or repurpose old cushions and pillows to create plush seating for your patio furniture.

List Down Items You Wish to Remove

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when decluttering. However, listing down critical areas that need to be organized can make the entire process a whole lot easier. 

Start by identifying the most cluttered areas in your home, like your living room, kitchen, laundry, kids’ activity room, or bathroom. Make a list of items in each area and sort all the unneeded items according to four categories: Discard, donate, keep, and sell. As you go through each item, separate these items into separate boxes for each category. 

Declutter Your Home 2

Take a 30-Day Minimalism Challenge 

Minimalism isn’t just a lifestyle but a state of mind. The power of letting go liberates you from the burden of excessive possessions and distractions and gives you a unique perspective on life. 

Take a one-month minimalism challenge to declutter your life. Set a goal to declutter a chosen number of items each day, say 2 or 3. By the end of the month, you’ll be able to give away or remove at least 30-60 items. This will gradually reduce the clutter in your home without overwhelming you. 

Use the Reverse Hanger Technique

The reverse hanger technique is an amazing technique to get rid of extra clothing. Simply turn all the hangers in your closet the opposite way. After wearing each item, hang it back in the right direction while the others remain in reverse order. After a set period, say six months, donate or sell all the clothes hung in the reverse order.

Install Storage Solutions

Investing in storage solutions is another great idea to declutter your home. Storage solutions help you use the most underutilized areas of your home to organize your stuff effectively.

Purchase wall-mounted racks and floating shelves to utilize your wall space. Next, invest in fancy storage containers, storage baskets, and under-the-bed organizers. Storage baskets help you arrange your toiletries and medicines in your bathroom or self-grooming items around your vanity. Under-the-bed organizers can be used to store seasonal clothing, extra shoes, books, and bedding, which ultimately gives a tidier and more organized look to both your bedrooms and wardrobes. 

Invest in Smart Multi-Purpose Furniture

Smart multi-purpose furniture can be incredibly effective in helping you declutter your home. These smart solutions not only offer versatile functionality but also maximize your indoor space and give your home a neat and well-organized look. Smart furniture makes the most of available space and often comes with hidden storage compartments and foldable components for multiple utilities. 

If you have a compact home, invest in smart furniture items like sofa beds, Murphy beds, storage ottomans, and modular shelving units that not only free up floor space but are also great for storing items like books, magazines, bed linens, extra pillows, and even your seasonal clothing items. Choose beds with built-in drawers or lift-up platforms to store items. 

When you’re replacing simple furniture with smart multi-purpose furniture, consider your specific storage and organization needs as well as your home’s layout.

Wrapping Up

Remember, decluttering is not a one-time endeavor, nor is it a magic wand that can instantly transform your living space into a spotless, organized haven. Rather, it is a gradual and ongoing process of assessing your belongings and making intentional choices of keeping only what you need. The above simple yet creative ideas can help you simplify your life and maintain a clutter-free living space that you and your loved ones can enjoy and relax in.

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