How To Transform Your Apartment Using Tapestries

Decorating an apartment can get tricky, especially if you want the place to feel and look homey. Rental living spaces often restrict owners from adding a few changes here and there because of landlord laws and contracts. It can get quite frustrating not to be able to design your abode the way you want to. But fret not, as there are still several strategic ways to transform your apartment without breaking any rental rules. 

The solution? Use decorative pieces that allow you to showcase your style and personality without too much effort and trouble. A perfect example would be tapestries that come in different patterns, textures, colors, and colors. (1)(2)

Let the transformation begin 

Tapestries are flexible and trendy for any given space. Whether you just moved into a new apartment or you want to give your flat a makeover, you can count on these art pieces to provide the room with its much-needed vibrance and appeal. You can mix and match it with your wall art at home or use it in different ways. Basically, you have plenty of options to transform your apartment using tapestries. (1)

If you need a few tips, here’s a quick list you might want to save for future reference:

  • Use exaggerated colors 

If there’s one thing you’ll immediately notice with tapestries, it’s that they can act as the focal point of any room. If you want to succeed in making it so, you might want to consider using exaggerated colors that’ll make the drapery stand out. Loud and bright colors are often effective if you’re creating a lived-in and warm feel. (2)

No matter the size of your tapestries, exaggerated colors would make the design pop even more. You can hang or pin them on the wall using push pins or nails, which can leave you worry-free when it comes to the wall damage it may cause. (1)


  • Add macrame tapestries 

If you’re one to shy away from the usual tapestry styles and designs, you’re free to look for other types that can help you achieve the uniqueness and trendiness that you like for your apartment. One way you can do so is by adding macrame tapestries that feature different knotting techniques that are more distinctive and appealing. (3)

What’s good about macrame is they come in plenty of styles, shapes, and knots. Hence, they’re not limited to just decorative pieces you can hang on your wall since there are also other designs you can choose for them. Say you love indoor plants. You can select macrame plant hangers to transform your apartment into a homey yet refreshing space. (3)(4)

This type of tapestry also works as ornaments, tissue holders, curtains, placemats and coasters, headboard design, pillowcases, and table runners. If you want a full-blown bohemian feel for your place, you may also add macrame chairs and swings in your reading nook or bedroom. (4)

  • Use tapestries to style your furniture 

If you’ve done enough for your walls and other parts of your apartment, it’s time you consider using tapestries to style your furniture. For example, in the living room, one hot trend nowadays is to drape the couch or sofa with a stylish piece of tapestry for an instant boost of charm and coziness. Pair the trend with pillows of matching tapestry pattern or color palette to complete the look. (5)

Aside from the living room, you can also use your patterned fabric in the kitchen. It could work as a tablecloth or runner for the dining table. If you like putting vases or jars of flowers on countertops and open shelves, you can use tapestries or macrame as mats. 

As for the bedroom, you can use the cloth as a bedspread or headboard cover for a bit of boho touch. Even bathrooms can benefit from tapestries, especially if you like hanging mirrors, plants, or framed art inside. You can use tapestries as holders or hangers for these decorative pieces. (5)(1)

  • Create a dreamy ceiling 

If you don’t like to go the usual route of decorating your walls and furniture with tapestries, you can still transform your apartment by using them to reinvent the ceiling. This trick works best if you have unappealing spots above you want to hide. The embroidered or knotted fabric can refresh the space in a chic and pleasant way, especially if you’re able to pick colors and patterns that complement the overall interior of your home. (1) (2)

Whether the space is small or big, walking in on a dreamy ceiling right above your head can give an instant wave of positive energy and an inspiring vibe. It may also make the ceiling look wider. If you want it to have more character, you can consider adding fairy lights to create a warmer and more relaxing ambiance. (6)

Final words 

Indeed, there are more than enough ways to transform your apartment using tapestries. Don’t let your restrictive living arrangement stop you from flaunting your personality and unique taste. Try these tips above so you can turn your humble unit into a whimsical, trendy, and cozy place you want to have.  


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