How to Set Up a Home Office When You Have a Small Apartment

The world changed virtually overnight due to the pandemic and now many workers find themselves working from home in a trend that is likely to continue long after the pandemic passes. The problem with how quickly this change happened is that many people were not prepared for it.

Those that live in small apartments don’t have much room to fully fit out a home office in many cases. Or, worse, they have roommates that make working from home difficult. In other words, not everybody has the luxury of creating a home office in their garage!

 In this article, we will go over several ways that you can make a comfortable and efficient home office even in a small space like an apartment. 

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1 – Have a Hideaway Space

The best way forward here is to have a sort of non office space. In other words, a small area like a cabinet that you can access your office equipment as needed. Instead of having a desk with everything set up, some small spaces won’t allow that.

You can tuck away things like your color laser printers, laptop and small filing folders away in one spot for easy access.

Set them up with their cords ready to connect so you aren’t constantly looking for the ends to connect. When you set this up correctly, you can be up and working in a matter of minutes where you have the space to sit down. 

2 – Get an Ergonomic Chair

You’re likely to end up using a kitchen table or something else as uncomfortable since space for a desk is a luxury. But, a kitchen chair is not going to cut it and will impact the health of your spine and your productivity. 

Get yourself a good chair on rollers so you can stow it when not in use. A chair won’t take up much space but will do wonders for your productivity . It should provide enough support for your lower back so you don’t end up with problems after a lot of use. 

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3 – Create a Quiet Space

It’s easy to get distracted when working from home and even more so when you don’t have a dedicated home office. You’ll need to do little things to create a calm atmosphere where you can focus. Start with wearing noise canceling headphones to block out any noise from your roommates or outside sounds.

If you can manage to set up a small enclosure with some plants or other furniture, then this can help create a sort of cubicle effect that blocks out distractions. 

4 – Invest in Extension Cords

Extension cords that are long enough, can handle multiple ports and a detangle feature will be your best friends. They will give you flexibility when you don’t have a constant area dedicated to your work. Moving about can only happen when you have the proper connections. 

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